What Is CSS? and How How To Prepare For CSS Exam

What Is CSS? and How To Prepare For CSS Exam In 2020

This article describes the CSS guide, What is CSS? How to prepare for the CSS exam, and What are the minimum age requirements for the CSS exam? The greatest wish of all Pakistani graduates is to pass the Central Advanced Services Examination (CSS) and join the government as a 17th Scale officer. How To Prepare For CSS Exam are given below.

We Will Provide All Information In Detail For CSS In few Steps

  1. What Is CSS?
  2. Minimum Age & Qualification required For CSS Exam
  3. Materials Detail
    1. Part 1 Compulsory Subjects
    2. Part 2 Optional Subjects
  4. CSS Qualifications and Standards
  5. Nationality Requirement
  6. Educational Acceptability
  7. Age Acceptability:
  8. Age Relaxation:
  9. Domicile Acceptability:
  10. Merit Portion:
    1. Muslim
    2. Non-Muslim
    3. disabled
  11. Fee
  12. Vacancies
  13. Appointment
  14. Health check rules

Requirements for CSS In Details

What Is CSS?

CSS, which represents a central high-level service, is basically a comprehensive test and is hired annually by government officials called bureaucrats. Those who pass the CSS exam are eligible to participate in the government sector and become Level 17 officers.

The next section will introduce you to the details

 What is Your Age and Education?

Any Pakistani citizen under the age of 30 with a Bachelor’s degree can apply for this exam. The full exam includes 1,200 of the 1,200 exams, 600 of which are mandatory courses, and 600 of which are optional courses.

Knowing this is very important because CSS preparation needs to be started at the right time, not too early or too late. According to the data presented in the FPSC Annual Report, most candidates who pass the civil service exam are between the ages of 24 and 30. Of course, you can also start preparing for the CSS exam before and after this age group. However, it may be premature to start preparing CSS at the age of 15 (school). CSS preparation can begin in the final year of graduation, usually between the ages of 20 and 22.

 Study Status

Learn the basics of CSS exams

Before you start preparing for the CSS exam at home or outdoors, you need to understand important information related to the Citizen Services exam, such as what the CSS exam is, the CSS exam qualifications, and courses. A deep understanding of the basics of CSS exams reveals that CSS preparation requires a comprehensive approach to the final exam. The course is well defined and you know what you want to cover, but the test is descriptive or descriptive and should adequately cover all aspects of that particular course.

Subject details:

As shown above, CSS is a comprehensive test of 1200 Marks. These 1,200s are divided into two parts, each with a 600. The first half consists of compulsory subjects, and the second half consists of compulsory subjects.

How To Prepare For CSS Exam

There Are two Steps Of Subjects

1) The first half is to Include compulsory subjects 2) The Second half Is Optional Subjects

In Details:

1). The first half is to Include compulsory subjects

2). The Second half Is Optional Subjects

Group-I: (To select one subject of (200 marks) only)

  • Accountancy & Auditing (200 marks)
  • Economics (200 marks)
  • Computer Science (200 marks)
  • Political Science (200 marks)
  • International Relations (200 marks)

Group-II: (To select the subject(s) of 200 marks only)

  • Physics (200 marks)
  • Chemistry (200 marks)
  • Applied Mathematics (100 marks)
  • Pure Mathematics (100 marks)
  • Statistics (100 marks)
  • Geology (100 marks)

Group-III: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Business Administration (100 marks)
  • Public Administration (100 marks)
  • Governance & Public Policies (100 marks)
  • Town Planning & Urban Management (100 marks)

Group-IV: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • History of Pakistan & India (100 marks)
  • Islamic History & Culture (100 marks)
  • British History (100 marks)
  • European History (100 marks)
  • History of the USA (100 marks)

Group-V: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Gender Studies (100 marks)
  • Environmental Sciences (100 marks)
  • Agriculture & Forestry (100 marks)
  • Botany (100 marks)
  • Zoology (100 marks)
  • English Literature (100 marks)
  • Urdu Literature (100 marks)

Group-VI: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Law (100 marks)
  • Constitutional Law (100 marks)
  • International Law (100 marks)
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence (100 marks)
  • Mercantile Law (100 marks)
  • Criminology (100 marks)
  • Philosophy (100 marks)

Group-VII: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Journalism & Mass Communication (100 marks)
  • Psychology (100 marks)
  • Geography (100 marks)
  • Sociology (100 marks)
  • Anthropology (100 marks)
  • Punjabi (100 marks)
  • Sindhi (100 marks)
  • Pashto (100 marks)
  • Balochi (100 marks)
  • Persian (100 marks)
  • Arabic (100 marks)

Every Pakistani who is eligible to take the CSS exam has at least one opportunity and must prove his knowledge and skills.

 Nationality Requirement

  • The first requirement to take the CSS exam is that the candidate must have Pakistani citizenship and citizenship. Permanent residents of Jam and Kashmir in Azad are eligible to take the CSS exam
 Eligibility For Exam
  • The first requirement to take the CSS exam is that the candidate must have Pakistani citizenship and citizenship. Permanent residents of Jam and Kashmir in Azad are eligible to take the CSS exam
  • Candidates from recognized Pakistani or foreign institutions with at least a second-class bachelor’s degree (B.Sc, BA, B.Com, BS Hons) are eligible to take the CSS exam. However, the degree must be approved by the Pakistan Higher Education Board (HEC).
  • Secondly. Those who have three bachelor’s degrees but also have a master’s degree (master’s degree, master’s degree, Phil) are also eligible to take the CSS exam.

 Age Eligibility

The minimum age for CSS exams is 21 and the maximum age is 30.

 Age relaxation

  • In some cases, presenting your Savings License Certificate to the following candidates can shorten your lifespan by two years.
  • Scheduled Caste or Buddhist community
  • Recognized Tribes
  • Permanent Residents of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Disabled
  • In-Service Government Workers, Armed Forces Personnel and Contract Employees


  • Candidates applying for a region or region assignment must present their local citizenship certificate


A typical CSS test score is 7.5%. For the convenience of candidates, we have compiled a list of excellent Quota in the following areas:

a) Merit Portion:

    • Muslim
    • Non-Muslim
    • disabled

b) Merit By Region

    • Punjab | 50%
    • Sindh | 19%
    • Sind Urban | 7.6%
    • Sindh Rural | 11.4%
    • KPK |              5%
    • Balochistan | 6%
    • Gilgit Baltistan/FATA | 4%

c) Public quota information:

  • Women’s shares are reserved for 10% of the county or district performance policy.
  • According to the county or regional merit policy, the percentage of ethnic minorities or non-Islamic people is 5%.

Due to the government’s employment policy, there are no fixed quotas reserved for candidates with disabilities in the CSS exam


  • Candidates must pay the fee according to the Govt scheduled fee of 2500RS.


  • The approximate number of BS-17 vacancies that will be filled with test results will be announced later. However, the government reserves the right to fill less vacant seats than advertising vacant seats.
  • pt the request for a refund of the fee, and the fee paid will not be reserved for other inspections or selections.

 Health check rules

  1. Candidates are physically and mentally healthy and must not have any physical defects that may affect their performance of their duties. Note) Those that do not meet these requirements will not be assigned.
  2. Candidates for the written exam will be medically examined by a medical committee established for this purpose. If a candidate is absent from two medical examinations, the application will be automatically rejected and no appeal will be granted. However, the opportunity is considered consumed.

To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that candidates be examined by a government doctor before applying for an entrance examination as a citizen doctor  

Wish you the Best Of Luck For All Candidates.

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