Important Essays for CSS and all other Competitive Exams

Important English Essays for CSS and all other Competitive Exams

English composition (100 Marks)

First, you need to take the time to fully understand the topic and effectively organize your position on the issues raised in the topic statement. Many qualified candidates use their dissertation questions as an excuse and cannot reach their goals under pressure and time pressure, but they cannot complete their work. Now 5 years old Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam are given below.

Note: 1) Draw an outline and create a complete dissertation (2500-3000 words) on a particular topic. For example, try to use other forms of speech. For example, presentations, discussions, explanations, stories. Credit goes to organization, relevance, clarity.
(2) Pages / spaces cannot be inserted between answers. All blank pages in the answer book should be skipped..

Imported English Essays For CSS Exam

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2020

  1. Do we really need literature in our lives?
  2. Women universities as agents of change.
  3. Pakistan and the future of Kashmir cause.
  4. Polarized politics: the issues and challenges of democracy in Pakistan.
  5. Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy.
  6. Pakistan’s informal economy: the way forward.
  7. Promoting tourism in Pakistan: opportunities and challenges.
  8. I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.
  9. Is Pakistan ready for the digital revolution?
  10. IMF bailouts: roads to stability or recipes for disaster.

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2019

  1. Let there be more light in the corridors of worship places.
  2. New war fronts lie in economic zones.
  3. Urdu literature and progressive movement.
  4. Art for peace.
  5. Truth is lived not taught.
  6. New Waves of feminism and our culture.
  7. Democracy and illiteracy do not move together.
  8. Sometimes we do not see what we see.
  9. Expanding information technology: a curse or a blessing.
  10. Classrooms decide the future of the nation.

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2018

  1. Real development should transform people’s lives, not just economic statistics.
  2. Higher Education in Pakistan: Ills and Remedies.
  3. Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.
  4. China – Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and its Socio-economic Implications for the Region and the World.
  5. Beware the barrenness of a busy life!
  6. The Emerging Power of Social Media: Prospects and Problems.
  7. In the fight against terrorism and corruption, it is imperative not to compromise human rights and civil liberties.
  8. The threat of Global Warming and the ways to counter it.
  9. Will “Rule of law” always remain an impracticable myth in our country?
  10. Democracy in Pakistan: Hopes and Hurdles.

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2017

  1. Is colonial mentality impeding Pakistan’s progress?
  2. Brexit means globalization is the rhetoric of the privileged, and capitalism will return ferociously as ever.
  3. More and more International military engagements by the United Nations; is the world moving towards peace?
  4. Modernity is an unending project.
  5. Feminism is not really a Third World issue.
  6. Literature is a lonely planet of idealists.
  7. Being a minority is a fate no one wants. Can nationalism be really inclusive?
  8. Ideologies thrive on notions of resistance, yet change is a simulation.
  9. Are modern wars not holy wars?
  10. Life without controversy is no life. But why one should not choose the safe haven of conformism?

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2016

  1. The world as a global village: Learning to live together.
  2. We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.
  3. Water crisis and national unity.
  4. The place of Urdu in Pakistan and the Supreme Court’s ruling on making Urdu the official language of the country.
  5. Crisis of good governance in Pakistan: Need for reforms and institution building.
  6. Promotion of tax culture in Pakistan: Perspective, prospects, and challenges.
  7. Gender equality is a myth!
  8. The creation of new provinces in Pakistan: Implications for an integrated country.
  9. Does foreign aid help to achieve economic stability?
  10. Frailty, thy name is a woman.

Top 10 Imported English Essays For CSS Exam In 2015

  1. The War On has contributed to the growing abuse of human rights
  2. anticipation is often greater than the realization
  3. Punctuality is the virtue of board.
  4. the introduction of new digital technologies has radically altered identities.
  5. In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.
  6. I disapprove of what you say, but I defend to the death your right to say.
  7. Luxury predecessors become the necessity of successors.
  8. when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.
  9. The government should eliminate subsidies and incentives for manufacturers and consumers of electric cars as they are costly and do not enough to protect the environment.
  10. labor-saving devices are more troublesome than they are worth.

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There Are two Steps Of Subjects

1) The first half is to Include compulsory subjects

2) The Second half Is Optional Subjects

In Details:

1). The first half is to Include compulsory subjects

The Second half Is Optional Subjects

Group-I: (To select one subject of (200 marks) only)

  • Accountancy & Auditing (200 marks)
  • Economics (200 marks)
  • Computer Science (200 marks)
  • Political Science (200 marks)
  • International Relations (200 marks)

Group-II: (To select the subject(s) of 200 marks only)

  • Physics (200 marks)
  • Chemistry (200 marks)
  • Applied Mathematics (100 marks)
  • Pure Mathematics (100 marks)
  • Statistics (100 marks)
  • Geology (100 marks)

Group-III: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Business Administration (100 marks)
  • Public Administration (100 marks)
  • Governance & Public Policies (100 marks)
  • Town Planning & Urban Management (100 marks)

Group-IV: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • History of Pakistan & India (100 marks)
  • Islamic History & Culture (100 marks)
  • British History (100 marks)
  • European History (100 marks)
  • History of the USA (100 marks)

Group-V: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Gender Studies (100 marks)
  • Environmental Sciences (100 marks)
  • Agriculture & Forestry (100 marks)
  • Botany (100 marks)
  • Zoology (100 marks)
  • English Literature (100 marks)
  • Urdu Literature (100 marks)

Group-VI: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Law (100 marks)
  • Constitutional Law (100 marks)
  • International Law (100 marks)
  • Muslim Law & Jurisprudence (100 marks)
  • Mercantile Law (100 marks)
  • Criminology (100 marks)
  • Philosophy (100 marks)

Group-VII: (To select one subject of 100 marks only)

  • Journalism & Mass Communication (100 marks)
  • Psychology (100 marks)
  • Geography (100 marks)
  • Sociology (100 marks)
  • Anthropology (100 marks)
  • Punjabi (100 marks)
  • Sindhi (100 marks)
  • Pashto (100 marks)
  • Balochi (100 marks)
  • Persian (100 marks)
  • Arabic (100 marks)

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