Job Opportunities and Youth

Indeed, there is a strong link between job opportunities and youth, because these leading sources favor those who cannot do their business but want to do something profitable. Thus, the new generation is not inferior to the world’s goods, and the productive one is improving its national growth rate because of its optimism for a brighter future In Government Sector & Private Sector.

Nowadays, the situation of finding jobs and working abroad is getting stronger because of the field of information technology. Apart from the USA and the UK, many other countries like India and Bangladesh offer tough competition to other nations through online programs and websites where many people participate according to their skills. In the midst of all of this, Pakistan now also has a role to play in the efforts taken by websites like ‘Jobss4u’ to help young people choose a career and choose a career that suits them best.

Unfortunately, in the current situation where the rest of the world is fighting a pandemic called ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘Covid-19’ on the other hand it has been dragging a large number of people to death. Another issue that was taking the hype was rising unemployment and limited access to jobs which is a sign of war on both sides, namely, health and economy.

There are a number of factors involved in this, and one of the main reasons behind this is a strong lock that almost all nations are doing around the world. As a result, not only markets and the economic structure are crippled, but the suspension of international trade and restrictions on imports and exports can further exacerbate the fire of economic grievances in both developed and developing nations.

According to the latest reports from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the world has been facing a much worse financial crisis than the 2008-09 crisis. As the global economic growth rate has dropped to 3 percent that is a major concern. It is also reminiscent of the 1930s when young people roamed the streets of New York with their degrees in hand but could not find one.

Many analysts see the history of the economic crisis set in motion, and the lack of job opportunities has had a devastating effect on older people. For example, they are mentally ill without experiencing frustration and anxiety because the chances of major depression are found mostly in low blood pressure due to inactivity and inactivity by using their energy.

Sadly, the situation is even worse in Pakistan. The nation is already facing a major financial crisis and the outbreak has made it difficult for people to earn a living. According to the latest reports from the World Economic Outlook, the IMF has shown an increase in the country’s unemployment rate, which is 6.2 percent by 2020 compared to 6.1 percent in 2019. This reflects the continuing growth of the graph of job opportunities available to youth.

Pakistan’s Unemployment Rate Will Increase in 2020: IMF

Still, all is not lost. Some institutions are still working hard to deal with the situation. As such, some websites have taken on the responsibility of making people aware of existing methods of operation. Like ‘’ it is one of those working sites that not only talks about vacant positions in both government departments and private offices of the country where one can do one’s job while traveling there but also offers many options for overseas employment.

In addition, it teaches about the opportunities for independence that are available while sitting at home that is most relevant to the situation and provides guidelines with the many notes needed to prepare for a unique career. This is another way teens can use to grow productivity by staying home. That is why this platform brings people to any part of the world.

In short, without a doubt, job opportunities are a major source of youth engagement. But the Covid-19 scenario is seriously damaging to the economy and the healthcare sector and is dragging countries into the disaster. However, one should not despair and make skillful efforts and get great benefits from the site as mentioned above. So that they can do well and make a success where everything will get back to normal and more jobs will be announced.

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