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Jeffrey Epstein was one of the people Leon Black was told of the threat of “blackmail”


The billionaire Leon Black said that he had only discussed the matter with his lawyer, family and four other people in the face of the “blackmail” that his ex-girlfriend accused him of rape.

According to a sworn statement submitted by Apollo Global Management Co-founder Blake in a New York State court on Tuesday, one of them is Jeffrey Epstein.

This disclosure adds a new dimension to the known relationship between Black and Epstein, who was a pedophile who hanged himself in prison two years ago and awaits trial for sex trafficking charges.

According to a report by the international law firm Dechert, Black paid Epstein US$158 million to seek advice on taxation, art transactions, and management of yachts and private jets. Black resigned from Apollo’s leadership position in March last year.

The new court documents also put Epstein in an intimate circle, and Black confided to him about his secret payment to a woman who accused him of raping her in a civil lawsuit and then paid millions of dollars to ensure she remained silent. .

Black admitted to paying $9 million to Guzel Ganeva since 2015, when she signed a “release and confidentiality agreement” at a meeting at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, which he secretly recorded.

Ganeva’s lawyers once stated that their client was forced to “take away his hush money and remain silent forever”. Black’s lawyer said he was a victim of a “criminal extortion scheme.”

The discovery request submitted by Ganeva’s lawyer required the billionaire to provide a list of people with whom he had discussed confidentiality agreements. In a response submitted for perjury with his signature, Black mentioned only three people: a private investigator from Nardello & Co, Epstein and Ganeva himself.

Black’s written statement stated that in addition to these three individuals, he also discussed Ganeva’s so-called “extortion” threat with Brad Wexler, another private investigator and Black’s head of personal investment tools. He added that he did not name family members or lawyers protected by the lawyer-client privilege.

Ganeva is seeking unspecified monetary compensation for the defamation, emotional distress and “gender-motivated violence” against Black.

Black’s lawyers referred to Ganeva’s lawsuit as “fiction.” The billionaire retorted with his own lawsuit, accusing Ganeva and her lawyers in Wigdor’s law firm of colluding with unidentified financial supporters and abusing the legal system to slander Black and conduct extortion and fraud.

Black’s lawyers also asked the court to stop Ganeva from adding part of her claim, “It’s useless except to illegally discredit Mr. Black through his connection with Epstein: the implication is that Epstein is a bad person. Mr. Black must be a bad guy. Bad guy”.

In a motion filed on Tuesday, Ganieva’s lawyer stated that Black’s statement during the early detection period was “lying” [his] Claiming that any allegations concerning Epstein are irrelevant.” Black’s new sworn statement was submitted as evidence along with the motion.

A spokesperson for Black said the motion should not be moved. The spokesperson said: “Ms. Ganeva’s lawyers filed an unauthorized lawsuit, nothing more than an attempt to discredit Mr. Black’s reputation and divert people’s attention from Ms. Ganeva’s crimes.”

Jeanne Christensen, a Wigdor partner representing Ganieva, countered that Black’s lawyer was the one who filed the motion, and her company is responding to it.

“He can quit [the motion] Of course,” she added. “Otherwise we will actively oppose it, and this is what we are doing. “

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