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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jack Dorsey’s square is now blocked


Jack Dorsey is No fans of Mark Zuckerberg.He once told Rolling Stonee at a dinner hosted by Facebook CEO Chez Zuck Give him a goat He killed, the meat is cold.Recently, he make fun of Zuckerberg’s meta-universal ambitions. Nevertheless, no matter how unintentional, today, the CEO of Square found himself making a move similar to the social media mogul who renamed Facebook to Meta five weeks ago.

Square is now Block. understood? Blocked.

Just as Meta retains the Facebook name for its flagship products, Block will continue to use Square for its “seller” business, which includes merchant-oriented payment systems and banking products. The new name that came into effect today—Square’s 12th anniversary—reflects the company’s broader business scope, which now includes personal payment cash applications, music service Tidal, and an emerging encryption-based open development platform. To be determined 54566975.

Offered by Block

In a statement announcing the conversion, Block was amazed by the connotation contained in its new name: “Building blocks, block blocks and their local businesses, communities gather together in a block party full of music, blockchain, a piece of code, and obstacles. Overcome.” Buried in the middle of the list is the one most likely to drive change: the blockchain. Square, and Dorsey in particular, has embraced the crypto revolution and almost put a label on its products that read “Bitcoin Inside”. (By the way, the company’s Square Crypto division will now be called Spiral, although the company does not provide a similar list of word associations for this.)

This is another language feature: Just as Alphabet made a similar move when it changed its name from Google and called its various businesses “stakes,” Block referred to its divisions as “building blocks.”

Brock said that everything else in the company will remain the same, and employees will participate in everything they did before, except for the new email address.The new corporate website address is Block.xyz; Seemingly more popular block.com seems to belong to Invisible cryptocurrency company. Currently, the company’s New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol SQ will remain unchanged.

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