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What exactly is Metaverse?

Well, yes and no.so Fort night To be “meta universe” is a bit like saying that Google is the “Internet”.Even if in theory you can spend a lot of time on Fortress night, Socializing, shopping, learning and playing games, this does not necessarily mean that it covers the entire scope of the meta-universe.

On the other hand, just as precisely as Google has built part of the Internet-from From the physical data center to the security layer-Equally accurate Fort night Creator Epic Games is building part of the meta-universe. It is not the only company doing this. Some of this work will be done by technology giants such as Microsoft and Facebook-the latter recently changed its name to Meta to reflect this work, although we are still not used to the name. Many other companies of all kinds—including Nvidia, Unity, Roblox, and even Snap—are working to build infrastructure that may become a meta-world.

It was at this point that most discussions about the needs of metaverse began to stall.We have a vague understanding of what currently exists, we can kind of Calling metaverse, we know which companies are investing in this idea, but we still don’t know what it is Yes. Facebook-I’m sorry, YuanAnd still didn’t get it-thought it would Including fake houses You can invite all your friends to hang out together.Microsoft seems to think this may involve Virtual meeting room Train new employees or chat with remote colleagues.

The propaganda of these future visions ranges from optimistic to downright fan fiction.In… Meta’s presentation on Metaverse, at a certain moment in the company Shows a scene One of the young women was sitting on the sofa browsing Instagram when she saw a video posted by a friend of a concert being held on the other side of the world.

Then the video switched to the concert, and the woman appeared in Avengers style hologramShe is able to make eye contact with the friends who are actually present, they can all hear the sound of the concert, and can see the floating text hovering above the stage. This looks cool, but it’s not really advertising a real product, or even a possible future product. In fact, it brings us the biggest problem of “Yuanjie”.

Why does Metaverse involve holograms?

When the Internet first appeared, it began with a series of technological innovations, such as the ability to allow computers to communicate with each other over long distances or to hyperlink from one web page to another. These technical features are building blocks, which are then used to build the abstract structure of the Internet as we know it: websites, applications, social networks, and all other things that rely on these core elements. Not to mention the integration of interface innovations, which are not strictly part of the Internet, but are still necessary to make it work, such as monitors, keyboards, mice, and touch screens.

With the metaverse, there is Some New building blocks are in place, such as being able to hold hundreds of people in a single server instance (ideally, a future version of Metaverse will be able to handle thousands or even millions of people at the same time), or it can distinguish where a person is looking or Where are their hands. These new technologies can be very exciting and futuristic.

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