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24 Great Deals on Black Friday Furniture and Smart Home Devices (2021)

Lenovo Smart Clock

Photo: Lenovo

In our guide to the best smart displays, we say that the Lenovo Smart Clock is perfect for the bedroom. Because the display is small, it works particularly well on a bedside table or dressing table. The interface is small, but still useful, providing clear information about important reminders or weather updates (and time). When you sleep, the lit number will dim, and you can use the USB-A port on the back of the display to charge your phone. Less clutter on the bedside table means more water glass space!Naked Smart Clock Essential is also sold for $30 ($15 off).

Target, Best Buy, Bed bath and other

In our review, we said that the mid-sized Google Nest Audio smart speaker (8/10, wired recommendation) has both excellent sound and discreet design. It is highlighted as an option and provides a lot of value in the best Google Assistant speaker guide. Essentially, the buyer gets the most benefit-now it has a $40 discount, especially.

Photo: Facebook

Target, Amazon, Best Buy

Shopping in an ethical manner can be tricky. This is why we try to include as many retailer options as possible! Using devices made directly by Facebook (or “Meta”) can be a bit tricky. As a company, Facebook faces a lot of public scrutiny. Portal Go (8/10, recommended by WIRED) is a good gadget taken down from its manufacturer, at the best price we have ever seen. It is particularly convenient for video chatting with distant relatives or with colleagues. If you want to buy one, this deal is a good thing. If you don’t have one, there are some other products on sale that may be more suitable for you.

Target, Amazon, Best Buy

Like the aforementioned Portal Go, Facebook Portal is very suitable for video calls. It is also made by Facebook. These will be sold several times throughout the year. $79 is the lowest price tracked by WIRED. This is our complete review.

Smart Home Offers

Be sure to check our guide on how to set up your smart home and how to keep your smart home private for tips and helpful suggestions.

Nanoleaf Essentials bulb.

Photo: Nano Leaf

These cool hexagonal bulbs are covered in our guide to the best smart bulbs. I have one in my office and I like it very much. There are many options on the market, so please check this guide for more options. A light bulb usually sells for $20, which means the deal is like getting a light bulb for free. Don’t need three? Single bulbs are also available.

Target, Amazon, Best Buy

Although we haven’t formally reviewed it, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Parker Hall believes this device is good enough to be his main thermostat. Nest thermostats are usually convenient and reliable. Their smart scheduling function helps to reduce the cost of heating houses, such as when no one is at home.Utility companies often provide rebate Install them too, so it may be cheaper in the long run.

Target, Best Buy, Walmart

with Single router It is priced at 139 US dollars, which is a good deal, and buying two at the price of 179 US dollars is simply excellent value for money. There are newer and faster routers on the market, but this should work for most households, especially considering the price. This is a detailed comment. Remember, Wi-Fi 6 is not supported, so they are not as forward-looking as some other options.

Arlo Pro 4 is our top choice for the best outdoor security camera. The bundle includes three cameras, corresponding batteries, and some additional parts, such as yard signs and anti-theft brackets, all of which are the same as buying two of the cameras separately. The prices here are hard to beat, especially for those planning to buy any of the components separately.

Photo: Goal

Target, Best Buy, Bed bath and other

This Google Assistant camera was also included in our list of the best outdoor security cameras. It will seamlessly integrate with families that already have some Google Assistant devices (or will in the future). Once the simple and convenient installation is complete, the camera will work as expected. We like the wide-angle view combined with motion detection. The battery can last quite a long time—about a month—we think the monthly subscription fee of $6 is worthwhile for the additional features. You can read more about the camera in our roundup.

Target, Bed bath and other, Dorama

The Google Chromecast with Google TV (8/10, wired review) may have an annoying name, but it is still the top choice in our list of the best 4K streaming devices. It is very suitable for Google TV and phone streaming. It has a built-in Google Assistant, which allows you to search for shows or movies and find out which of the many streaming services has the content you want to watch.

Lovebox (Enter BLACKFRIDAY at checkout)

Lovebox is a great gift for a friend or family member far away. This is emphasized in our guide to the best stress relief gifts. It allows thoughtful and intentional words of encouragement, almost like a digital hug. Texting may be equally effective, but Lovebox adds special connection elements that some other gadgets lack.

Furniture sale

Burrow Arch Nomad modular sofa.

Photography: Burrow

(Enter BF21 at checkout)

Burrow’s Black Friday sale offers a 10% discount and additional savings based on your spending amount. We tested the Arch Nomad Sectional, which is a model that includes a recliner, so it costs more and included it in our guide to the best sofas. All configurations are on sale, and they all feature quick assembly and plush and comfortable cushions.

This deal applies to more products than just the Sactional series, but those customizable and comfortable products are our Lovesac favorites. Sactional is introduced in our best sofa guide. We also really like the new and optional Stealthtech upgrade (8/10, wired recommended), although it is very expensive-so it’s best to buy it at a discount.

Fully Jarvis standing desk

Photo: Complete

completely, Amazon (click the coupon button)

For some time, the Fully Jarvis standing desk has been the favorite of the WIRED Gear team. It is the first choice in our work-from-home equipment guide. Most options have discounts on Amazon. Be sure to cut out the corresponding page coupons.

Need a new bed? Now is one of the best time to shop. Mattresses are on sale many times throughout the year, but Black Friday means that offers may be better than offers during events such as Memorial Day. We have a separate story dedicated to introducing the best available beds.

Vacuum sale

Cobos Deebot T8 AIVI

Photo: Cobos

Be sure to check the coupon box below the price to take advantage of this discount, which is $100 off last year’s Black Friday. The WIRED Gear team likes this sweeping robot. It doubles as a mop, which helps it remove any evidence that hardwood floors were once covered with dust.

We wrote a separate story when this deal went live for the first time, and after a brief interruption, it came back. Technically speaking, it is not a smart vacuum cleaner, but it can indeed be converted from a stick vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum cleaner. It is also included in our list of the best Dyson vacuum cleaners. Although it lacks voice assistance and does not have a smartphone application, we still think this is a wise choice.

Robot vacuum cleaners have different functions or different capacities here, but the most important thing is that they provide a convenient way to keep up with the daily dust removal work. In general, we like the iRobot model. E5 5150 has a special brush to collect pet hair. It is smart enough to arrange a cleaning plan according to your daily life. Our review of the best robot vacuum cleaners has other suggestions.

Roomba i7+

Photography: iRobot

This botvac was $50 cheaper earlier this week. Although its price may fall again, it is still a bargain-the price of $550 is the lowest price we have ever seen. Roomba i7+ (9/10, wired recommendation) has a series of attractive bells and whistles, the most important of which is its automatic emptying behavior. Check out our full review for more information.

This automatic emptying combination robot vacuum cleaner/mop can easily keep the floor clean. We mentioned it in our guide to the best robot vacuum cleaner. The coupons on the page make the price lower than what we have seen before. Add to shopping cart for transaction.

This is the cheapest robot vacuum cleaner, thanks to the clip coupon on the page, it is cheaper than ever. It runs for more than 100 minutes at a time, and it can dexterously pass through obstacles such as ropes or stray socks.

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