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The best e-commerce content for Instagram

Instagram is a marketing powerhouse. According to Hootsuite, 81% of Instagram users use social networks to research and discover new products and services. But e-commerce merchants often miss good opportunities. Too many people only focus on sharing product pictures instead of establishing contact with potential customers.

In this article, I collected seven types of content that e-commerce businesses can use to connect and interact with fans on Instagram.

Instagram e-commerce content

User generated. Instagram may be the best social platform to attract e-commerce audiences. Customers can use the merchant’s brand tags to share real experiences with their products—videos or photos. Consumers believe that user-generated content is trustworthy.

Consider “rearranging” customer posts on your Instagram page, or using Instagram stories to showcase user content that highlights your brand.

Wayfair #WayfairAtHome Activities are a good example of using user-generated content. The event highlighted how Wayfair customers use their products at home. The event has approximately 56,000 posts to share. This is a powerful way to build social identity around the Wayfair brand.

Wayfair’s Instagram page shows screenshots of customers

Wayfair focused on how customers use its products at home.

Interactive content Social media such as contests and polls are relatively new. But this is an effective way to attract an audience and understand your customers’ preferences for your products. Photo contests can help e-commerce companies increase subscribers while producing interesting and relevant content.

Socks clubIt is an e-commerce subscription service that uses Instagram Stories to host competitions, allowing socks designs to compete with each other to determine customer preferences.

Screenshot of Sock Club's Instagram page

Sock Club uses Instagram Stories to showcase competing socks designs.

lifestyle. A common mistake of Instagram e-commerce merchants is not understanding lifestyle marketing. Avoid posting too many photos of the products you sell. Instagram is not an e-commerce store. This is a platform for sharing lifestyle. Your posts should reflect this cultural spirit.

Don’t fill your feed with pictures of sales products on a white background. Instead, focus on telling stories and making connections. A lifestyle story about your product is one of the easiest ways.

Nike’s The Instagram page does a great job selling shoes. But this page does not contain the product price, only the stories of people wearing its shoes.

A screenshot of Nike's Instagram page, which includes a female athlete.

Nike’s Instagram page does a great job selling shoes. But this page does not contain the product price, only the stories of people wearing its shoes.

Product in context. Putting the product in the right environment while telling the story can drive sales. Gloss, An online beauty company, has done an excellent job of creating contextual makeup tutorials that explain how to use their products together. Show customers how your products can enrich their lives in real life scenarios to form shareable content.

Screenshot of Glossier makeup tutorial on Instagram

Glossier’s makeup tutorial explains how to use its products in real life.

Behind-the-scenes. One of the best ways to establish contact with consumers is to solve the manufacturing method of the product or the daily operation of the business. I use it in my original painting business.A more traditional e-commerce example is Warby Parker. Its Instagram page and Stories reveal behind-the-scenes footage of the company’s key milestones and moments.

A screenshot of Warby Parker on Instagram showing its early glasses frames

Warby Parker talked about its key milestones and moments, such as early spectacle frames.

Funny and inspirational quote Trigger engagement. Instagram users like to share and comment on quotes. However, they are the most powerful when they align with your brand and help sell your products. User-generated quotes can strengthen social recognition. Reposting interesting memes from followers can trigger organic viral marketing campaigns. Drunk ElephantThe jokes released by a skin care product supplier are often not related to skin care products, but it is difficult not to share them with friends.

Screenshot of a joke on Drunk Elephant's Instagram page

The jokes posted by Drunk Elephant are usually not related to skin care, but it’s hard not to share them.

Influential partnership, Well done, you can create compelling content. But avoid partnerships that only promote your products. Instead, create a real experience to help increase your following. Daniel WellingtonAccording to reports, an online watch company used micro-influencers on Instagram to help increase sales to $180 million in five years. Talented influencers can solve two problems: promote your products and generate high-quality images for later use.

Screenshot of Daniel Wellington's Instagram page

Daniel Wellington used micro-influencers on Instagram to help increase sales to $180 million in five years.

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