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12 winter decoration trends in 2021, you will see everywhere this season

Unpopular opinion: I have had enough of winter. I am eager to enjoy a comfortable meal and enjoy the simple luxury of spending holidays at home, and I even look forward to the darkness that appears prematurely before I finish my day at work. At this time of the year, I will seriously look for a source of warmth (all blankets, please) and create an environment that supports adequate rest and relaxation.

I also like the interior aesthetics in winter: different textures, soft tones and moody palettes are the epitome of comfort. Therefore, in the spirit of snuggling at home and preparing for hibernation, I found some of my favorite interior designers——Jin Laping, Julia Miller, Anastasia Casey, Joshua Smith, Lindy Galloway, with Lauren Lerner-Get their thoughts on the biggest winter decoration trend of 2021, we can expect to see it throughout the season.

The past two years have inevitably affected the way we design and live our houses. Although some people may regard their home or apartment as just a place to sleep or a temporary stop during the journey of life, they now have no choice but to stop and consciously consider the space around us. result? Turn to investing and integrating timeless works that make you comfortable. More importantly, many of the trends pointed out by our designers show an interest in creating an atmosphere that transcends aesthetics, but supports a healthy sense of well-being.This feels especially important when we start to consume Even Time is indoors.

Therefore, as we prepare for the upcoming cold weather, I suggest you consider the following winter decoration trends. Without further ado: your winter aesthetics awaits you.

Make your home more comfortable with these top winter decorating trends (plus, what else is coming soon!)

Close-up picture of Molly Madif’s house Nicky Sebastian

Michelle Nash designed for Camille Styles

Earth tones

Los Angeles designer Kim Lapin couldn’t get enough pastel colors to provide the softness and timeless charm of the space. Mix these tones with furniture pieces into your home for a more minimalist look. In pursuit of influence? Change the whole room with a few coats on the wall. Lapin likes this trend so much that she actually doesn’t want to call it fleeting. “It is very livable, and it feels so classic that it has no sense of fashion,” she pointed out. “But we can see it everywhere recently, and it can’t go anywhere.”

High quality

The obsolete quality of vintage items brings a storytelling element to the space to a certain extent. Not only that, choosing retro rather than ordering brand new furniture is a fashionable solution to avoid perpetual supply chain problems. An interior designer in Minneapolis, Julia Miller If you are not familiar with buying antiques, please share her introductory skills: “Retro is a great way to add instant personality. Starting with some accessories for shelf modeling, you can make your feet wet.” Miller recommends the website, like IQIYI with 1st Unique work.

Michelle Nash designed for Camille Styles


Anastasia Casey, Founder and CEO IDCO Studio, Think of bouclé as a must-have for your series of classic winter favorite fabrics (such as velvet and wool). “Although ivory terry has been popular all year long recently, it will be fuchsia and olive this winter,” she said.Try this Camel chair from CB2 Or this Clay color pillow Bring trends into your space.

Michelle Nash designed for Camille Styles

Meditation space at home

Hungry for some Zen? You are not alone. Again, because most of the things we do these days are at home, many people want to open up some space to cultivate a little peace. Joshua Smith, founder and chief designer Joshua Smith Inc. attributes this trend to the need for a healthy escape. “As the past year and a half has clarified the importance and needs of tranquility, we will definitely see an increase in people’s interest in family meditation spaces,” he pointed out. Mindfulness is everywhere-from our exercises to the workplace, and even our children’s classrooms. Smith added: “Only by creating a space to enjoy the tranquility of the home, will we see more interest and it makes sense.”

Soft terracotta pink

Although millennial fans have taken the design world by storm in the past few years, we now yearn for something calmer and softer. Answer: Soft terracotta pink. Lapin finds it is increasingly used in walls, tiles and fabrics. The terracotta warriors are rich and warm, and although it may be surprising, it can easily be woven into any space. The gradation of tones creates depth and interest, while providing a lot of welcome light.


Do you use flowers in winter? Truly groundbreaking. Use floral decorations on upholstery, pillows and key furniture to brighten up your space and create a little romance in your room. Contrary to your imagination, even in the cold season, the fragrance of flowers can make people feel at home. Miller explained: “When paired with classic materials such as linen or mohair, floral prints can become a timeless style.” She recommends starting with a pillow or footstool and then accumulating from there.

Ann Edgerton House by Molly Culver


Your space will never have enough natural scenery, and bringing its clearest tonal expression into your home is the easiest way to achieve this goal.Smith agreed: “The warm and tranquil palette combined with bold patterns and layered textures, such as straw wall coverings and natural stone architectural details, will dominate when we bring the tranquility of nature into the interior.” If Benjamin Moore name October mist is the color of the year in 2022 There are any signs that we will see a lot of these shades in the new year and beyond.

Michelle Nash designed for Camille Styles

Wallpaper and texture wall

Smith pointed out that although wallpaper and textured wallpaper have been popular among interior designers in the past few years, this trend is now permeating homes everywhere. Wallpaper and textures can bring personality and charm to an otherwise desolate space. “Even artists are taking advantage of the momentum of hand-painted products. I recently recommended Kelly Ventura was on the blue grass of the restaurant and was very satisfied with the result! “

Michelle Nash designed for Camille Styles

Plaster wall

Gypsum is an ancient design element, and it is returning in a big way. Although it is immersed in the past, the plaster walls can be used in traditional and modern interiors. Lindye Galloway, founder and chief creative officer Lindye Galloway design studio likes plaster paint or lime water to bring trends into your space. Although you are welcome to invest and go all out to use gypsum walls, lime water is an easy-to-use solution to achieve the attractive texture of gypsum.

Warm woods

White oak has its moment, and we are now seeing a transition to warm wood. Miller attributed this to our collective desire for all the comfortable and cute feelings, and we can obtain them in any way. “I think we are all craving something warm this winter. Adding walnut accents, such as coffee or side tables, is the perfect solution.” Casey agreed, predicting that we will see more logs bring all the Scandinavians. Navia atmosphere.

Curved edge

People call it the regression of the curve. This trend appears in everyone’s posts in rounded forms and pleasing asymmetry, dominating our social media feeds. From arched porches to the protruding curves on sofas and chairs, Galloway has seen this trend taking shape. This trend of being playful and energetic brings energetic whimsy to your home.

Saturated color

Who said you can’t have everything? Parallel to the soft colors widely used in our homes, people’s interest in super-saturated colors has also risen at the same time. Miller likes plum and terracotta tones and thinks they will get bigger this winter. “Adding warmer, saturated tones can balance and center the room, so choose carpets with saturated colors, or even try wall colors!”

What’s coming out?

Gone are the days of white letters on white background On whiteLapin loves it, but in this era of embracing chaos, we are ready to abandon unrealistic expectations of Instagram’s perfection. “It’s beautiful in the photos, but in real life, if it’s not done perfectly, it may be unremarkable,” said the designer. With all the activities that take place in all our families (children, pets, dirt, and alcohol), this trend does not translate into IRL. “I have seen more tonal designs, including creams and pastel shades, that make people feel that they can really live at home without worrying about stains or things getting messy.” I will confidently raise my red wine glass .

Smith saw a similar resurgence of warm colors. “The cooler gray has reached its peak. I predict that we will see subtle shifts in cream, beige and nude colors.” Lauren Lerner, founder and chief designer Live with Lolo There are some fleeting trends of her own to share. It’s time to say goodbye to our obsession with stacking (although it may be beautiful and rustic), and wall panels are no longer the preferred way to decorate walls. The old, the new-there are several reasons for us to start the countdown to 2022.

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