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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Microsoft’s bold gambling allows “Halo Infinite” to last forever

“That’s good,” he said. “Just like I remember. I thought it would be like call-of-duty. “

The difference between call-of-duty with HaloThe French say that it is always time to kill. In the former, death takes a moment: you just need to find someone first.exist Halo, He said, the shield means that it takes longer to knock down the enemy. Even if unexpectedly, good players can beat bad players.

This is fighting dance, French said: when you find your opponent, you instinctively pull them towards your opponent; grenade, bullets, and butt butts face-to-face tense communication. All this happens in a world that invites experiments. Throwing a plasma grenade under the warthog may launch it high enough that you can launch it higher with a rocket, all of which hope you can use the well Debris tracked into the cloud-timed grappling hook and then pulled out the sniper rifle and shot someone in the head. like this.

The French are not ashamed to admit: the pinnacle of halo multiplayer is Halo 3.

In order to regain this magic, they need to return to the basics.The competition consists of one Squid gameIt’s like a catch phrase: everyone has a fair start.Other games may have loading systems, or career systems, or heroes with specific abilities, but in Halo, Everyone must start at the same power level. The change is determined by scavenging.

“Scavenge is the law,” French said. You need to determine the level of a fall shield or shock rifle that can reverse the situation. Some innovations from previous games, such as the often-controversial sprint, complement this dance.But in general, the Spartans are Halo 5, French said, it’s too powerful outside of spawn. They had to peel it back. “You can do a lot of things with thrusters, ground hits, shoulder charging, we want to pull back in a competitive game,” he said. “We want to bring the Spartans back, back to the idea that you are only the core of the Spartans.”

HaloThe 4-vs-4 arena matches are undoubtedly different from the spirit of the e-sports era. Stanton said that of course the team also looked at other shooters, in fact they are all. So they talked about the billion-dollar warthog in the room: Battle Royale. When the team told IGN in 2019, “The only BR we are really interested in is Battle Rifle,” This is a bit exaggerated. “When we started making this game, we obviously discussed it,” French said. During the development process, there were some experiments that destroyed the core tenants of the game. Battle Royale is not actually One. There are rooms inside Halo, French speaking, for Battle Royale mode.But as the campaign is experimenting in the open world, and Halo They just couldn’t complete the transition to real-time service games. One day, they may carry out a battle royale. Now, you can make it in forging (to be launched in May 2022.) He said that for now, this game is new and different from the competition.

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