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Five ways to spend the winter in a bedroom (and a big sale)

For most of my life, I was afraid of winter. It’s cold, dark, and seasonally frustrating. but! Last year, something happened, and I finally figured out how to lean in comfort.Little things make the biggest difference, now I actually expect In the cold months. (Trust me, no one is more shocked than me.)

This is my five-pronged approach:

1. Get out of the comfortable blanket. (This striped beauty Made from 100% lamb wool. ) We put them on our beds and sofas, and you can find a family member wrapped in them almost at any time of the day.

2. Climb on the softest bedding. We spend a lot of time in bed-reading books, watching movies, hugging one or the other child, and of course sleeping. Over the years, we have tried many different bedding brands, and the one we found absolutely comfortable is Brooklinen.We start with them Luxury satin sheets, It has a creamy smooth weave and a slightly shiny finish.Then we add Heather Cashmere Duvet Cover with pillowcase, Breathable, lightweight and incredibly soft. This combination is very comfortable.

3. In winter, we set up a smell station in the bedroom (with the help of eight-year-old Anton). We light joss sticks; this It smells like a cabin in the woods.

4. Many years ago, Alex taught me the sun lamp-have you tried it? White light can help your body adapt to darker days, and you can actually feel better in your mood.

5. Finally, in winter, we changed from lighter quilts to Thicker, super luxurious. Our bed feels like a hotel!

good news: Brooklinen is starting their Black Friday promotion. No code is required to enjoy a 20% discount on orders. See everything here, If you want-including their linen suits and towel.

How to create a comfortable space in winter?

(photography: Christine Han And styling Veronica Olsen Joe Cup. This article is sponsored by Brooklinen, a brand we have used and loved for many years. Thank you for supporting the brand of Joe’s Cup. )

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