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5 best password managers: features, pricing, and tips

Like other password managers, 1Password has applications that can be used almost everywhere, including MacOS, iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome operating systems.There is even a command line tool that can work anywhere, the company recently launched a Linux client In the beta version. There are also plugins for your favorite web browser, which can easily generate and edit new passwords on the fly.

1Password recently announced a new version of its app, 1Password 8, and my experience has been mixed. On the one hand, it is finally suitable for Windows laptops running on the ARM architecture. But on MacOS Monterey, I ran into issues such as autofill not working, and keyboard shortcuts stopping until I restarted the browser. The problems so far are not enough for me to change our first choice, but it is definitely something I am concerned about. The company recently shortened its free trial period from 30 days to 14 days.

If you often travel across national borders, you will like my favorite feature of 1Password: travel mode. This mode allows you to delete any sensitive data from your device before traveling, and then restore it with a single click after crossing the border. This prevents anyone, even law enforcement officers at international borders, from accessing your complete password library.

In addition to being a password manager, 1Password can also act as an authentication application like Google Authenticator. For added security, it creates a secret key for the encryption key it uses, which means there is no such key. No one can decrypt your password. (The downside is that if you lose this key, no one, not even 1Password, can decrypt your password.)

1Password also provides tight integration with other mobile applications. 1Password eliminates the need to copy and paste passwords from a password manager to other apps (this will put your password on the clipboard for at least a moment), but integrates with many apps and can be autofilled. This is more obvious on iOS, because communication between apps is more restricted.

After signing up, Download app Suitable for Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS or Linux.There are also browser extensions Firefox, Chrome and Edge.

Best free option

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Bitwarden is safe, open source and free, with no restrictions. These apps are carefully designed and user-friendly, making them the best choice for anyone who does not need the extra features of 1Password.

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