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10 female beauty women follow on Instagram account

In modern beauty culture, it is believed that perfection is the goal. Thankfully, this situation is changing, and people are asking beauty brands to see how they affect modern society, from marketing activities to marketing models to their models. As a first-generation Filipino, I sought content—especially beauty content—to celebrate different cultures and showcase the beauty of brown skin.

If you do the same, then you will love this list of WOC creators who have forced the traditional beauty industry to rethink why and for whom they create products. Each one has been carefully planned to expand your definition of beauty, and most importantly, how you perceive your beauty.

As you read through this article, I don’t want you to simply “diversify your feed” because it goes much deeper than clicking the follow button. One connection between these women is that they embrace every part of themselves, which in turn becomes their strength, which is why people like to follow them-why you too!

Keep reading 10 female makeup content creators who are shaking up the industry, forever!

Above: Paola Mathé, Riley Reid

Name: Hannah Harris
IG handle: @browngirlhands

about: Hannah Harris is the creator behind the simple but influential Instagram, Brown girl’s hand The brown girl holds beauty products in her hand, everything from Glossier to SuperGoop! What does it mean for black people to hold beauty products that can have such an impact? Well, the obvious lack of black hands in beauty campaigns, e-commerce, and social accounts is the stuff of Hannah Harris, the creator behind Instagram. @browngirlhands Working hard to change.Harris was inspired to open this account after reading Jessica Diffino article, Where are the brown hands?, Where she breaks down where and why the expression of beauty is so important. Because as Harris wrote in her biography, “Black hands are also beautiful.”

Name: shining
IG handle: @its.shiny

about: Shiny is a digital creator and skin positive influencer in New York City. Acne is one of the most common skin problems in the United States, but in a society obsessed with perfection, neutral skin, and positive skin, just loving your skin has only become a sport in recent years. Shiny just helps to change the perception of “bad skin” by being yourself. “The way I completely overcome it (for fear of going out without makeup) is to just jump in and openly share my greatest insecurities,” she admitted. “And now I think Well, Not as scary as I thought! “Now, Shiny’s Skinclusive information has attracted more than 47,000 fans. It turns out that the easiest way to love yourself is to dive into the parts you don’t like the most.

Name: Chandraseca
IG handle:

about: Niharika is a makeup artist and content creator. She uses color to express herself and inspires others to create a stronger sense of self through her bold and creative appearance using bright colors. Incorporating creativity and color into your style or beauty routine is a fun way to change energy, and I really believe that it can greatly change your mood! Part of what makes Niha so inspiring on Instagram is how she embraces herself and how she builds a relationship with what it means to be a South Asian woman. Her view of beauty is about self-expression and creativity, rather than working towards socially defined beauty.

“I like to draw inspiration from the bold color stories in Indian jewelry and culture, and integrate part of my culture through my makeup content,” she told me. “In my content, I like to show the complexity of Indian women, which means that we not only exude Indian traditional dressing or makeup, but also strive to be bold and exceed our expected norms! I think this is a true cultural celebration origin of.”

Name: Jeanne Bell Rosanne
IG handle:

about: Janibell is an African-Caribbean beauty content creator who uses fashion and beauty as a creative way to vent. Her mission is to inspire young women to be unapologetic about who they are and who they want to be. Beauty, curly hair and style-Janibell did it all. Her aesthetic is a bit avant-garde and a bit romantic. From sharing her natural hair journey to creating mouth-watering makeup looks, inspired by the world around her, such as this makeup video. One of the benefits of the Internet is that young women can find their representation and reflection on the screen, even just on Instagram, which is more representative than when I was growing up.

Name: Tiffany black
IG handle:

about: Proud Diné (Navajo), Tiffany Black is a beauty influencer, mainly known for creating bright eye looks. She collaborated with other amazing indigenous creatives, such as fashion models, Quina Rose Who appeared recently ‘S cover FashionAt first glance, you may only see bright colors, but Tiffany’s job is more than just makeup. Combine her love of art with her Diné community and use her energy to raise awareness of indigenous issues. In 2019, she shared her personal story about sexual assault and elaborate makeup to talk about the disappearance and murder of indigenous women epidemics affecting women in Canada and the United States

Name: Nicky Lopez
IG handle: @theholyglosspel

about: Nikki is the creator of “The Shady Series”, an Instagram hashtag that compares foundation shades between brands. This raises the responsibility of beauty brands to prove the inclusiveness of their shade range. One of my favorite things about Nikk’s “skinsta” is that she does not avoid pimples and acne, and shares her skin development.Two of her most popular series are “What’s on my face?” There she talked about the skin care products she is using and the “The Shady Series” that she has become popular on Instagram-this is her Fenty Beauty color analysisIn a world of “perfect skin”, her fragility in the skin care process is welcome.

Name: Kerr
IG handle: @skinbykerr

about: Kerr is a beauty influencer born in Ghana dedicated to educating people about better skin care products and the creator of #sundazescreen-a compilation of BIPOC-friendly sunscreens that do not leave white spots. More importantly, Kerr is an aspiring dermatologist and loves Korean beauty products. Her obsession with skin care started after hurting her own skin, and her mission was to help educate BIPOC on how to take care of their skin. She also hopes to increase the representation of black women in dermatology.

Name: Bai Kasun
IG handle:

about: Bekah Sun is a beauty lover, passionate about luxury, and insists on fairness in the beauty field. She is also a doctorate. Candidates for cultural studies, visual studies, ethnic studies, gender and sexual studies, and ethnography-I mean, wow! Her beauty content encourages other women of color to use beauty as a tool for fun, experimentation, and indulgence—her emphasis on this indulgence is almost harsh. For many first generations, women who indulge in color are not an option. Our family is working hard to provide the best education and what we need, with little extra space. To this day, many of my friends, they also grew up in the first generation, and don’t even know that they spend more than they need. Pampering is a radical concept of self-love for women of color.

Name: Nomi
IG handle:

about: Noémie is a beauty and lifestyle digital creator and the mother of three children in Los Angeles. This is one of my favorite beauty record accounts, because Noémie shared all her favorite beauty tips, such as the products from Sephora’s November sale. (Her youth superfood antioxidant cleanser for the people is definitely on my list.) She shared an honest review about the product she is trying-without icing.View her Instagram story “null” For all the products she has used. Her account may be the most informative account on this list.

Name: Lucy Nguyen
IG handle: @sundaywithlucy

about: Lucy Nguyen is a second-generation Vietnamese-American living in Austin, Texas. In addition to her community work in immigration health and language justice, she is also a content creator, sharing her journey in fashion, sustainability and cultural identity. Any day of the week exudes a dreamy Parisian atmosphere, and Lucy doesn’t just create this atmosphere on Sunday. I love her not only because of her incredible aesthetic, but also because of her bold belief in celebrating her Vietnamese-American heritage. Lucy uses beauty, art and fashion to explore her cultural identity and redefine what it means to be a Vietnamese American. “I have increasingly discovered that beauty is not individualized, but collective,” she pointed out. “I find that beauty exists in the community. I feel that the most beautiful people in my mind have a strong connection with their roots, communities and values. They will bring inspiration and happiness wherever they go.”

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