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Tools, products and ingredients to be discarded

After a restful night of sleep, one of the most annoying things you might be asked is: “Do you look tired?” I can’t help but wake up every day my eyes are puffy-I’m born with puffy eyes .For some people, puffiness around the eyes may be due to lack of sleep And for others (including myself), it can be Genetics And/or question Inflammation and circulationIf you do have inflammation or circulatory triggers, be sure to stay hydrated and limit sodium in your diet-this is the difference between day and night for me. Okay, so once I accepted the fact that I had to put up with my puffy eyes (unless I had eye fillers), I put my eyes in the boot camp. I tried every blindfold, tool, serum, TikTok trend you can imagine.I even tried freezing tea bag. Green tea bags are actually useful. Although I found a swelling ritual that I swear, I still got the help of a swelling master and an esthetician. Song Zhumei, Decompose how to professionally treat puffy eyes.

What is the cause of swollen eyes?

“There are many reasons for eye puffiness. In some cases, eye puffiness may be caused by underlying diseases such as thyroid disease. Allergies or lack of sleep may be another cause,” Song shared. But the most common reason she saw with clients was diet. “Too much salt keeps your body hydrated, and the thin skin around your eyes is the most susceptible. Increasing alcohol consumption can also dehydrate your body, which may make your eyes puffy.”

What should I do if my eyes are swollen?

Song confirmed that tools are one of the most effective ways to treat swollen eyes because they stimulate blood flow. “The most effective and accessible way to treat swollen eyes is to stimulate blood flow, which helps to deliver oxygen, expel toxins and reduce Inflammation and edema. You can use your hands or your favorite tools. In addition, taking a hot bath or going to the sauna to stimulate the body’s metabolism will help reduce edema.”

What should be avoided in the product?

“Avoid anything that can sting your skin when using it, so please stay away from alcohol, menthol and any strong essential oils and acids, including retinoic acid and ascorbic acid,” Song said.

What should be avoided in the diet?

As Song and I mentioned before, salt is often the culprit. “You should stay away from salt, alcohol, and anything that disrupts the digestive system, which usually includes gluten, spices, dairy products, and sugar. In addition, anything that dehydrates the body. All medicines can cause severe water retention on the face, so make sure to drink plenty of water.

What product ingredients can quickly treat puffy eyes?

“Unfortunately, there is no “quick” way to treat puffy eyes because the body needs time to drain excess water from our system. That is, I like to use vitamin K and arnica to treat puffy eyes. As everyone knows , Vitamin K and Arnica help increase blood flow in capillaries,” Song explained.

Keep scrolling to read Song’s favorite products to treat puffy eyes and the puffiness removal program I swear!

Jomee Song’s favorites

My swelling ritual

Step 1: Drink 32 ounces of water

The first thing I wake up is to drink 32 ounces of water to speed up my digestive system and flush Out of any toxin. Staying hydrated can help your eyes look less puffy throughout the day.

Step 2: Ice Roll

After hydrating, I immediately use a roller or sphere to ice the area under my eyes. When I travel, using ordinary ice cubes can also solve the problem.Cool down the immediate area Reduce inflammation And it swells by reducing blood flow.

Step 3: Fix it

I am low-key obsessed with blindfolds. This is probably the most important step (or my favorite step) in my defoaming procedure. After this step, I saw the biggest difference. I often use a roller or globe with the blindfold to kill two birds with a stone.

Step 4: Gua Sha

Gua Sha is very effective in removing accumulated toxins, allergies and inflammation. When using Gua Sha right now, it is important to be gentle, because the skin is thin and delicate. After applying the facial oil, I gently moved Gua Sha from the inner eye to the outer eye, and then slid back to the ear down to the neck, depositing liquid and toxins into my lymph nodes. I swipe and scrape about 4-5 times on each side.

Step 5: Vibration and heat

I don’t do this every day, but whenever I put on makeup after the acne removal procedure, I have to do it. I either use NuFace Fix or Solawave. The vibration and thermal effects in the tool enhance the circulation of the skin and improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

Step 6: Eye Cream

The last step of my defoaming procedure is to seal it all together with eye cream or eye cream. I look for a lighter density eye cream to avoid miliary rash or congestion.

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