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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Randonauting’s promised adventure.It led to the trash can

I ran into the same problem when I launched the application to find meaning. I may have briefly tried to reinterpret an explanation (the truck left tuna as it drove away… Douglas Adams wrote “for so long, thanks for all the fish” Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Also famously claimed that the meaning of life is 42), but in the end I closed the application disappointedly. What is the reality of randonauting and how can social media obscure it? Is the “WOW factor” really the point, or is the application more important than its most extreme story? Is it possible to find something in nothingness?

Darius Nitisor is a 21-year-old Amazon employee from London. Since he saw the suitcase story on TikTok and downloaded the app, he “may have used Randonautica hundreds of times.” In his first adventure, Nitiso defined his intention as a “calm thing”. He was taken to a park 45 minutes away from his home and met an old friend on the way back. Many wanderers claim to have experienced the “long-lost friend phenomenon”, where people they haven’t seen in a while stand at the exact location where the app is generated.

But the vast majority of Nitisor’s random trips are disappointing and have nothing to do with his intentions. “I have been listening to all these stories, but I really can’t find anything obvious,” he said. “Nine out of ten, nothing obvious happened.” Twice, he defined his intention as “football” and was taken to the stadium and training ground, but Nitisor wondered if this was just a coincidence, especially with all the others. Dud. He gradually stopped using the application.

“There is no way to get nothing; Randonautica co-founder Auburn Salcedo said. Salcedo and co-founder Joshua Lengfelder claim that the app uses “mental interaction” technology, which means that when you choose your intentions, you should use your thoughts to influence quantum Random number generator. If all this sounds a bit whine—it is. Randonautica’s creed is unproven, even if it is well-intentioned. For Salcedo, the overall goal of the app is simple: “We want One of the main things we do is to add freshness to people’s lives through randomness. “

Salcedo said that exploring the world around you can “freeze you from an ordinary lifestyle” and make you feel happier. “Doing something truly random can open up your mind. It gives you this feeling of release of endorphins,” she said. But it turns out that Randounatica has a large-scale fake news problem, which was triggered by the TikTok suitcase video, which Salcedo said “changed people’s emotions about randomness.”

“We are starting to see a lot of followers who I think are influencers,” she said. Lengfelder believes that TikTokers uses algorithm-preferred keywords to generate clicks, and gives examples: “Warning, scary, creepy, creepy Randonautica adventure.” In addition, most of the content is fake. The second most popular TikTok video tagged #Randonautica is a jumping panic clip in “Remote Shady Park.” The video ends with a creepy figure rushing directly to the camera.

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