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PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: Which one is best, one year later? (2021)

Sony’s new DualSense controller provides more than just standard rumble. The trigger button can have different levels of resistance, depending on factors in the game, such as which weapon you are using-so when you use a trigger pistol, you can actually feel it, rather than a larger rifle. Heavy pull.

The haptic feedback system also provides a true sense of three-dimensionality, understanding where the feedback comes from. The motors in the DualSense controller can vibrate on the entire controller instead of two rumble motors in the palm of your hand. When it works, it is amazing. E.g, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla It looks and plays great on both consoles, but with the DualSense controller, the trigger pull of each type of bow is different, so you can really feel the extra tension of the long bow or the fast, feathery touch of the light bow . It makes you really feel that these weapons are different, and they feel different in your character’s hands. Few games take advantage of DualSense’s new bells and whistles, but it’s fun when they do.

Service costs are high and necessary

Both consoles have multiple subscriptions and need to play online games, and the other console has access to a “free” game library. Xbox Series X Yes Xbox Live Gold Member with Game Pass Ultimate Edition, PS5 has PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Game Pass Ultimate is the best. It gives you access to online multiplayer games and has a great, up-to-date catalog of more than 100 games that you can download on your console and PC. You can actually install the Xbox application on a gaming laptop or desktop, and download many of them easily.

Playstation Plus Only some “free” games are provided, you can download them every month, and you need to play games online.After that PS now, It is more like Xbox Game Pass, but focuses on older PS4, PS3 and PS2 games. It gives you access to an in-depth catalog of more than 800 older PlayStation games for online play.

These subscription plans are very confusing. Why is this happening? At this point, no one knows.

Winner: everyone, no one

So, which console is the winner? Neither. Because if no one buys it, it doesn’t matter how good your game console is. PlayStation 5 is a better game console, and because there are more game consoles on sale, your friends are more likely to own or get one, but I won’t call it a winner.

DualSense is great, but internally, the two consoles are almost identical and show up. It’s like Sony and Microsoft both bought the same Honda Civic, but Sony installed a cool aftermarket steering wheel. Of course it is cool, but is it really much better?Or all of them Positively medium?

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