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How to make dried herb swag with flowers for your kitchen

Even if you don’t live Rural area, You can bring a little old-world rustic energy to your kitchen by hanging garlic, onions or herbs. In my local market, I am often inspired to pick up a bunch of onions to bring life and enrichment to my kitchen, not to mention the practicality of condiments and supplies on hand this week. Whether you buy herbs from a green market or grocery store, or grow them in your garden, you can bundle them and hang them in the kitchen to dry to make dry vanilla swag-and you don’t even need to wait. Trim from the stem and add the desired sage to the chicken or some thyme flowers to the salad.

In fact, putting ingredients where you need them may inspire you when you prepare dinner. In addition to a convenient and waste-free method, the swag adds warmth, color and fragrance to the kitchen in just a few minutes. This is a practical little project for those who just want to stay ahead of the curve during a busy week. !

You will need:

  • 6 bunches of fresh herbs and edible flowers in any combination
  • The booty in the picture includes sage, thyme, lemon balm and basil, as well as stems of lavender and scented geranium.
  • Flower shop twine, or any decorative fiber, used for binding

How to make dried herb swag:

  1. Collect 6 bunches of herbs from the garden, market or supermarket, including some herbs with flowers. Rinse and dry completely (damp herbs will mold in the stolen goods).
  2. Trim the stems and leaves to the desired neatness and length. Next, cut 6 inches (15 cm) of twine and place it aside where it is easily accessible.
  3. Put the herbs and flowers on the table and collect them in your hands, placing the shorter stems on the top and front, and the longer stems on the back. With the goal of mixing, string the stems together neatly, but not too tightly. The arrangement should be about 5 inches (12 cm) in diameter and similar in size to a handful of dried pasta.
  4. Hold the flowers with your non-dominant hand and tie the bouquet with a string. Knot the first loop of twine, hold it in place, and then wind the stem from top to bottom as shown. Secure it with a knot and tuck it into the tail.
  5. Hang the stolen goods away from excessive heat and sunlight for best results. The herbs should be completely dry in about two weeks, but you can pinch or trim a small amount for seasoning when the booty is dry.
  6. Once the loot is completely dry, you can hang it up or store the dry package in a jar-if you want to separate each herb, you can store it in several jars. To use for cooking, pinch or cut off a small amount of vegetable oil, and then restore the vitality of the vegetable oil by rubbing the dry material between your palms before throwing them into a pot or plate.

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All photos copyright © 2021 Chelsea Fuss. Cover © 2021 Abrams.

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