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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Have a delicious weekend. | Joe Cup

French toast

What are you going to do this weekend? As Alex said, we are just “wandering around”. I hope he can make zucchini soup, maybe we will watch a movie during the day, which is a great joy in life. Hope you have a good one, here are some interesting links from the web…

Paul Rudd’s reaction to being named the sexiest man is funny“I want to make a business card.”

expect Mindy Kaling’s new HBO series.

Many readers are full of praise for these cute things,I totally agree!

A pancake Suitable for all seasons.

Brook Shields tells a story Behind her famous 80s Calvin Klein jeans advertisement.

How do you think Travel by train?

The easiest chicken dinner.

Does everyone look cute These hats?

15 New York City children vaccinated“I just thought, okay, now I’m waiting for the next one, so I can visit my cousins ​​on Christmas.” (New Yorker)

Like how this book changed the title.

Hi i am your best friend, can rationalize anything. “(New Yorker)

Good news: Dame offers a 15% discount, including This game-changing miracle.

In addition, three reader comments:

Marion talked about what to eat the day after Thanksgiving: “One year, my brother put the leftovers from Thanksgiving in a cup like parfait. We all followed suit, and honestly, it was amazing. .”

Annie said that you are friends with any elderly woman: “I think the reason I am never afraid of getting old is because of all the good old women I have known throughout my life. I remember my childhood pastor was with us in a snowstorm. He My mother and mother-in-law are by my side. These ladies are flirting with my brother in the first half of the 80s/early 90s, laughing hysterically, teaching us to play games, and making this blizzard shine. My sister and I do. They gave up the bed, they left a thank you note under the pillow, which made us feel grown up, as if our little sacrifice was recognized. I only like older ladies.”

Emma said of your relationship status: “Single AF but also feel at peace for the first time-maybe forever!-in my 32 years. At the age of 25, I will always text all her old love and find A feeling. This summer is a bit boring for me. Since the fall, I have returned to myself in a way that I can only interpret as mobility. I am grateful for my smart/kind/beautiful friends and family, my apartment It can give me a one-hour bath and naked breakfast at noon, and of course my daughter Robin, who is my first and longest soul mate so far. I am hopeful about the future and the people who walk into it because I am I feel comfortable now. But God bless the vibrator.”

(photographer Maurizio Rio.)

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