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Great resignations are mobilizing employees to resign or improve their jobs

Workers are fed up and resist low wages, poor conditions, and the common belief that work is at the center of their lives.

This counterattack took many forms, from performance to change. Posts about fighting against abusive bosses have become a unique type on TikTok, Reddit, and other platforms. Some workers are participating in collective action, and the union’s support rate has reached the highest level since 1965. Others are looking for other sources of income or committing to reduce income.Perhaps, most directly, people are quitting their jobs Record rate In the well-known great resignation.

Many people had expected that after the federal unemployment benefits expired in September, people would gather their weight and return to work.Although that happened to some extent -The economy added more than 500,000 jobs last month-for various reasons, from savings to lack of childcare, to the continuing risk of a pandemic, more Americans are still insisting.

Importantly, the pandemic — and the government’s social safety nets, such as extended unemployment benefits — give people time, distance, and perspective to reassess where they work in their lives.This is especially noticeable for Americans because they think work is part of their identity and are committed to More working hours than most other industrialized countries.

There are also elements of revenge against workers who fought back. When Covid-19 hit, millions of Americans suddenly found themselves unemployed. The company that people have spent many years of life and labor for immediately abandoned them. Now, as the economy recovers and these companies recruit again, many Americans are angry and don’t want to go back.

“There is no shortage of sources of anger right now,” Heidi Hillholtz, director of the Economic Policy Institute, told Recode. “This is in the context of your employer making various profits. We have all just gone through hell. I guess this will increase the anger factor.”

If the labor force participation rate is at the pre-pandemic level, the number of people in the labor force will still fall by more than 4 million.Have 10.4 million open positions only 7.4 million unemployed, According to the latest data. Of course, many of these open positions are terrible: their salaries are low, their working conditions are dangerous, or they are simply not remote (according to the company, remote positions on LinkedIn receive 2.5 times as many applications as non-remote positions).

The result is that many employers—especially those in industries with extremely poor salaries and conditions—have difficulty finding and retaining workers. To solve this problem, they raised wages, provided better benefits, and even changed the nature of their work. Depending on their intensity and duration, these different actions may have long-term effects on the future jobs of all Americans.

How the workers fight back

The most obvious sign of worker power is how many of them are resigning. In September, up to 4.4 million people resigned, according to Latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Which has been tracking this data since 2000. This is 3% of all employed persons and is after the record number of resignations in the summer. Resignations are especially common in low-income and low-status jobs such as leisure, hotel, and retail.

These exits also appeared elsewhere. Recently, searches for various topics related to resignation have surged. According to Google’s Trends Newsletter, searches for how to send resignation emails have increased by approximately 3,500% in the past three months compared to the previous three months, including English and Spanish.

Seeing how other people quit their jobs and react to bad bosses has become a veritable online pastime.Posts about quitting smoking have proliferated on the Internet, including Tik Tok, YouTube and Twitter.In other words, there was a TikTok product manager recently Go viral Post on YouTube about the reason for her departure. Groups on Reddit are also using the platform for mobilization.

Subsection Anti-work — The slogan is “Everyone is unemployed, not just the rich!” — A surge in subscribers from hundreds of thousands at the beginning of the year Over 1 million Until November. This popular forum is full of screenshots of people blaming bad bosses and defending their worth as workers.Some of it Most liked posts These are screenshots of employees rebutting the absurd demands of their employers. They clearly illustrate the reasons why these employees want to resign. Members, known as “idle people”, give each other confidence to leave the work environment they consider toxic. The Antiwork community has also been organizing a Black Friday boycott, Requiring retail workers to “reserve their labor” and consumers to “reserve their purchasing power” on the traditional largest retail consumption day of the year.

This proves that more and more people are actively striving to improve their work, rather than just leaving work or complaining about them online.

In 2021, the support rate for unions has risen to 68% of Americans. Highest ratio in more than 50 yearsThis is happening because many American workers are trying to unionize their workplaces.Recent union efforts include Starbucks, Amazon, And delivery service Hello fresh. Was called “Striker“Because more than 100,000 workers from all walks of life, including John Deere and film crews, participated in various labor actions. This is one of the many worker trends supported by social media, and social media is rampant with the support of labor unions.

Shelly Steward, director of future work plans at the Aspen Institute, sees union work on social media as a more modern version of the way workers organize: through conversations. But she said the scale of social media may prompt unions to double their efforts, which could have a more lasting impact on the workforce.

“For a long time, the focus has been on personal problems and personal solutions, so if your job is not good, just give it up-it is the worker’s responsibility to receive training and find a better job,” Steward told Recode. “But changing the whole situation, changing the dynamics of power between workers and big employers, will prepare everyone for more lasting change.”

although As of 2020 Only 11% of Americans have joined a union—a statistic that has been on a downward trend for decades—Steward believes that the rate of decline is slowing, and when the data set is released in 2021, we may begin to see an increase in the number of unions.

Other workers are using this old (though not so delicious) lazy strategy to fight back against their employers or assert that work is not the most important aspect of their lives at all. The so-called “Time millionaire“By pretending to work or shirk their responsibilities in other ways, they steal time from their employers. They use this time to pursue things they think are more important in life, such as family and leisure. Holders Multiple remote jobs But jobs that only put in the value of one job are doing similar things.

Then some people hope to get out of work altogether by looking for other sources of income. Many Americans blame FIRE for their lifestyle (Financial independence, early retirement) — A financial movement in which people use a combination of extreme cost reduction and passive investment to leave the workforce early. One can also see the rise of WallStreetBets, where ordinary people discuss using free trading platforms like Robinhood to trade stocks, which is a rejection of typical forms of employment.

These trends and the fact that more and more Americans quit their jobs than ever before, indicate that the job market is strong and it is totally beneficial to workers. How long this situation can last depends on many factors and whether workers can quickly make long-term changes.

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