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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Netflix, please add a “Watched” button

It is Sunday morning. I got up, but had a hangover, and then walked to the sofa. I need something gentle to observe. My wife and I like to watch detective dramas and courtroom dramas made for TV on such mornings, but there are several streaming services to browse, and it may take half an hour or more to find a good prospect.

We finally reached an agreement and settled down, holding a steaming teacup in hand, but my wife soon understood that we had seen it. I don’t believe it and argue that we should give it another 10 minutes.Sometimes the reason you don’t remember a movie is that it is a big turkey; sometimes it follows such a predictable formula, you just think You have seen it before. “she Did it, but pretend to be that person,” my wife pleaded. Damn, she was right. We Have Already seen. Back to the endless search.

The streaming service keeps track of all the content I watch, so why can’t I filter out what I see? I hope there is a way to mark content that I may have watched years ago or in other services as watched. When we are doing it, why not let me filter out musicals, Big Bang Theory, And anything about James Corden? Most streaming services are slow to add these quality of life updates, but it can save precious time on those rare worry-free weekends.

Endless library

There is no doubt that we watch too much TV, especially during the intermittent lockdown of the past two years. But I know there are some unknown treasures on these streaming services; it is difficult to find them. Companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ all provide rows of movies and shows, divided into categories and genres, but I increasingly feel that each row has the same title, but it’s messed up in a different order ( Look at you, Prime Video).

From day one, deciding what to recommend has always been a matter of streaming services. There are some objective lines, such as the top 10 most popular or trends in your country, but how do these platforms decide what you might want to watch next? Netflix has a like or dislike system, but its role is not entirely clear. So I asked.

A Netflix spokesperson told me that if you say yes or no to anything, Netflix will assume that you have already watched it on the service or elsewhere. Thumbs up will generate relevant content suggestions, while thumbs up will provide fewer similar shows or movies. So far, it’s that simple.

The content depends on a group of Netflix people who have tagged all the shows and movies on the platform.These people attach descriptions such as “horror, mysterious, low-key, ominous, and terrifying” to things such as Midnight mass, E.g. In this way, the system can cross-reference tags to recommend similar shows and movies. Or no, if you don’t like this show.

Looking at other people’s profiles, you may find that there are huge differences in the types of shows and movies Netflix recommends. Unfortunately, just because you rate something, it doesn’t necessarily disappear, which makes the scoring system feel like it’s not doing much.

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