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“Terminator: Dark Fate” does not need to explode the plane

Newest Terminator movie, Dark fate, And strive to provide a satisfying emotional arc for a large number of roles.writer Sara Lynn Michener To say that a large part of the movie was wasted on exaggerated action clips on the exploding cargo plane is of no avail.

“I think there is this idea, especially male directors, they are very excited about trying to surpass what they have done before, but do bigger and better, more like Michael Bayes,” Michener said in episode 386 Geek Galaxy Guide podcast. “And I’m like, really? Did we really do this in 2019? It’s very frustrating.”

Geek Galaxy Guide host David Barr Courtley Agreeing that the freighter sequence is stupid, in stark contrast to the sense of reality captured in the franchise’s best installments, Terminator with Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

“In my opinion, the power of these movies comes from the juxtaposition of these creepy robots from the future with completely believable everyday reality,” he said. “When you create an evil robot from the future in some kind of superhero environment, it won’t work. There is no comparison anymore.”

The top-level action scenes are not only dazzling, but also expensive.screenwriter Rafael Jordan The warning is that unnecessary inflated budgets create unrealistic expectations for science fiction movies. “The last three [Terminator] The installments both made about $400 million, and based on the total box office of the first weekend, this is in line with this,” he said. “There is a series of movies—the most recent Star Trek movie, Alita, Genesis: Legacy-Earned 400 million U.S. dollars, but was considered a failure, this is just another of them. Hollywood must find a way to make $400 million a viable amount again. “

Dark fate Representing Hollywood’s third attempt to continue this story Terminator 2, After the 2003 movie Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machine And the TV series in 2008 Sarah Connor Chronicles. Science Fiction Writer Anthony Ha The reduced TV version can be said to surpass its large budget competitors in storytelling.

“Obviously, a lot of IP is turning to TV,” he said. “So if [Terminator] Will come back — I don’t necessarily believe it will — I think it may come back in the form of a TV show. “

Listen to the full interview with Sara Lynn Michener, Rafael Jordan and Anthony Ha in episode 386 Geek Galaxy Guide (above). And check out some of the highlights in the discussion below.

Sara Lynn Michener on James Cameron:

“James Cameron has a very fascinating idea of ​​feminism. His only real problem is that he hasn’t really updated it since the 90s. I mean, when I see Alita: Battle Angel, It feels like a great movie released in 1995-except for special effects. …But he has a strong female obsession. I think unfortunately, there is a strong female tendency that eventually becomes a commercial “Meghan Fox happens to know how to fix a motorcycle” thing, and it is always this super sexy idea. A strong woman, and James Cameron’s woman is not really that way. So this resonated strongly with me.I like abyss, I like alien,I like Terminator movie. So this is a very important part of my growth process. “

Screenplay by Rafael Jordan:

“Usually, you always wait to find a job, and then you are very rushed the moment you are hired. Time is never enough, which is unfortunate because the moment they call you, they are like, ‘Hey, so we finally got the green light, we need to write the script immediately to secure the bond and financing, so you can give it to us in a week? You are like,’What? No, I mean, I can give it to you something A week later, but can you guarantee that I have time to fix it and make it correct? Sometimes you have that time, sometimes you don’t. …But believe me, these writers are pulling their hair, and sometimes they will be isolated in a hotel room for six to eight weeks if they have this luxury. But they will definitely work hard to make it better, which is always an uphill battle for quality. “

Anthony Hardy Rev-9:

“My feeling is that there are no sequels—including Dark fate-Found a way to surpass T-1000. I think this is very close to the platonic ideal Terminator douchebag.But this is an interesting variant, I think the visual effects are very eye-catching, it will definitely produce some interesting action scenes, because you basically have two different terminator, a brain chasing [people]. I hope they can do more work to explore the power of Rev-9. …Like if [the two forms] Have complementary powers, so the soft version is really good at suggesting that you enter different situations, but the skeleton is for brute force. Something that makes it look more distinctive. “

David Barr Kotley on Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“When they met Arnold Schwarzenegger, this movie made me a little bit disappointed. I like Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is great, but I have seen him as an excellent terminator in the other three movies. It’s done, I hate clichés, I feel that once he enters the story, it will become too focused on him instead of developing the relationship between other characters… When I saw the trailer, Arnold Shi Wassinger will appear on this show, I think it will be a cameo-they went to the cabin, they met Arnold Schwarzenegger, he told them everything he told them, and then they moved on. I didn’t I think he will join the cast. And I think that any positive factors about his participation in this film may be included in the guest appearance.”

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