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Sandy Ho’s party is for fun (and rainbow dumplings!)

How do i gather

Gathering people around a table is the greatest passion in our lives, and we believe that food is one of the most powerful connecting tools. But what makes the party meaningful? In our series “How Do I Gather”, we will answer this question behind the scenes of our favorite chefs, gourmets and fashionistas. See all

Next, at Sandy Ho’s party in Los Angeles.

I still remember my first time.When I was at an intimate party in Los Angeles Sandy Truong An Tran Hoa——The chef, food stylist and creative genius behind Sandy Tower-Bring up her famous rainbow dumplings and hear the sounds of “Oh” and “Ah”. It is safe to say that my eyes ate them before my taste buds. The joy is beyond words. When our taste buds started to sing, grinned, and cheerful laughter rang out—no one could stop talking about them. Yes, this is a food designed to provide sensory experiences: sight, hearing and mouth. They are actually cheers in physical form.

Creating a gourmet experience that uses nostalgia to inspire joy is exactly the original intention of Ms. He when she first launched Sandita’s as a neighbourhood backyard dinner series. However, when Covid paused at her party, she turned negative to positive and diverted her attention. It was at this time that Rainbow Dumplings were born. Why do you want to create something interesting and bring the community together when we are not allowed to share a table. This happy mentality is the permeation of everything she does.

Now that the world is open, Ms. He cooks herself again. She reopened their catering and event plans, re-planning customized menus for events, pop-up stores and brand events, while continuing to share her favorite food communities with her, she can. So, of course, we are very happy to walk into her recent intimate gathering to learn more about her happy cooking style and her favorite kitchen tools, why she doesn’t use recipes, and the key things you can always find in it Her refrigerator/pantry. Get ready to be inspired.

How did you learn your culinary art?

My family and my traditions play an important role in my cooking work, and I learn from them every day. My mother likes to cook, my father likes to eat, and always sows the seeds for trying new dishes and delicacies. Watching this romantic story and remembering it really added fuel to my study. In addition, I have always been very creative, especially when I was a child, I had a lot of imagination, I love nature, outdoors and in the water-I have always drawn energy from this energy. I have learned culinary wisdom from people all over the world, most of whom are not chefs.

You are famous for rainbow dumplings. Tell us about the evolution of these beautiful dumplings. What is your inspiration?

Cooking in the covid era and bringing a little happiness to my community is a huge unknown period. This period of time really gave me time to work on projects that exist in my mind but did not have time in the fast-paced life before the pandemic. It allows me to slow down, create more space for experimentation, and enter the world where I use food to make art.

Describe a typical day for you. What do you drink when you wake up? What’s for breakfast?

I usually don’t eat my first meal until 12 or 1 in the afternoon, which can be anything from rice and eggs to porridge and kimchi. I drink water in the morning, not enough water all day long, but I am trying to do better.

You always give cooking tools to beginners, why?

A knife and a spoon-without “beginner” tools, you either want to cook and taste, or you don’t want to. This requires curiosity and allows yourself to face new things bravely. If you want to cook, pick up a knife and learn, pick up a spoon and taste it.

What is your favorite recipe and why?

I don’t use recipes. I have a lot of images and feelings that I like to refer to, but I’m more interested in stories than finding recipes, where the chefs or people write from, who they are, where they’ve been, and how they translate it into A dish. This is more appealing to me than any recipe I have ever written.

Tell us something we will always find in your refrigerator?

Fish sauce, chili, coriander, Thai basil and kimchi.

Where is your storage room? What do you always have on hand?

Fish sauce, natural food coloring powder and rice.

Which kitchen tools are your must-haves?

Mini plane, chef’s knife/meat cleaver, long tongs.

What are you most afraid of cooking?

No. That’s why I can’t stop! This is indeed a language that I can speak fluently while constantly learning nuances.

Your party signature dish?

The whole fish, mother’s curry, is always a big crunchy juicy shiny salad.

You always cook a meal at home, why?

Porridge. It is comforting and always reminds me of the feeling of being taken care of.

The darling at the dinner?

Too many flowers on the table obstruct the guests on the opposite side of the table and take up table space for food. I like floral scents, but there is a real art to orchestrate them to play with food instead of fighting with food.

The perfect dinner playlist includes:

love song.

Dreaming of guests at dinner?

My parents and two brothers. I haven’t been home for a few years, and I dream of having dinner with my family the first time I have a chance.

fill in the blank:

A perfect meal should… To be shared.
This is not a dinner without… The sauce sprinkled on the table, the wine stains on the tablecloth, the delicacy like a whole fried fish, and a lot of laughter.
Every chef should… curious.

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