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Obama called on young people to pick up the climate baton in an exciting speech

In his exciting speech at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, former US President Barack Obama said that young people have the “most important energy” in the battle against climate change and won a standing applause.

At the Paris summit, Obama reached an agreement on controlling global warming to be much lower than the pre-industrial level of 2C. Six years later, he said that young people are frustrated that their generation has failed to deal with “potentially catastrophic problems”. correct. Stand up and inherit.

“The question of voting. Voting is like your life depends on it, because it does,” he said.

“Don’t think you can ignore politics… You can’t be too pure. This is part of the process that will be delivered to all of us,” he said, adding that young people can also put pressure on companies and educate their elders.

So far, as the most famous person to participate in the second week of COP26, Obama’s arrival has brought a bit of political stardust to the summit, and he has paid more and more attention to the tedious task of finalizing detailed international consensus on complex technical issues and rules.

As part of the negotiations, he also supported the so-called “ambitious coalition of nations” to push for a strict limitation of global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. The group includes the United States and the European Union, as well as many developing countries, but does not include fossil fuel-dependent economies that have already split.

He said: “The brutal storm brought about by climate warming makes it clearer that we will face danger if we cross this line,” and global warming has reached 1.1 degrees Celsius.

COP26 emphasized the return of the United States to international efforts to curb global warming after Obama referred to President Donald Trump who withdrew from the Paris Agreement as “hostile.”

However, with Obama, Nancy Pelosi and dozens of U.S. congressmen arriving in Glasgow this week, the prospects for the United States to pass key climate-focused legislation before it ends are not optimistic.

Obama said he is confident that “a version” of Biden’s $1.75 billion “rebuild for a better” social security plan-which includes about $550 billion in environmental clauses-will pass Congress “in the coming weeks.”

At the same time, he pointed the finger at the absence of the Chinese and Russian leaders in Glasgow, saying that this shows a “lack of urgency.”

Obama also praised the energy of young climate activists, which has been demonstrated in Glasgow through a series of activities and protests before and after the summit.

While saying that if “the elderly don’t listen, they need to get out of the way,” the former president also called on activists to pay attention to the concerns of those concerned about eliminating carbon-intensive effects on their livelihoods. industry.

“We can’t just yell at them, or say they are ignorant, we can’t just tweet them. It is not enough to inconvenience them by blocking traffic during protests,” Obama said.

The former president regretted to point out that his status had changed. He joked that the music stopped playing when he entered the room and that “traffic became a thing again”, but the sleepy negotiators suffered “weakness” at COP26. “Coffee and bad food” efforts are welcome.

The former president made a slight mistake when referring to the local area. He mentioned that he was on the “Emerald Isle”-which is actually a characteristic of Ireland-and cited William Shakespeare as a “bard”, a title that is even more pronounced in Scotland. Commonly seen in the 18th century poet Robert Burns.

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