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Autumn living room decoration ideas to create a comfortable atmosphere

For many of us, our homes are not just where we live-they are also our creative vents, passion projects, and constantly evolving work. After growing up, my mother always rearranged the room, tried new curtains, and even repainted the bedroom walls to reflect her mood and break the rules. Now, when I find myself having a few hours of extra downtime on weekends, my living room shelf and coffee table are calling my name. It always needs to be refreshed, but the change of seasons is a particularly interesting time. The beauty is that just by mastering some simple styling skills, you can make the space look new without buying anything. OK, Maybe just one or two things, but the point is that you don’t have to go out and buy expensive new furniture to beautify your autumn living room decoration.

Around this time last year, I showed you the update of our living room… which means I have been eager to make some simple adjustments to make things fresh recently. Of course I am not ready to buy new furniture, so I focus on smaller home accessories (think vases, candles and coffee table books) that are relatively cheap but have a major impact. Keep scrolling to see how I used many textures, seasonal branches, and a neutral but fully declarative rug to comfort our living room in the fall.

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