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Husqvarna 435X AWD Automower Review: Quiet and effective

I hate mowing lawn. First of all, large tracts of useless grass are a waste—why use grass when you can have a garden, orchard, or various other useful plants? In order to maintain this green wasteland, I had to push a device, which made it a double insult.

Fortunately, this summer, I used a Husqvarna 435X AWD automatic lawn mower on the lawn. Now I don’t have to think about mowing anymore.

Robot love

Husqvarna 435X is the company’s high-end all-wheel drive version Robot lawn mower production line; Husqvarna has cheaper models that can do the same thing. The cost of the 435X is higher because it is specifically designed to handle sloping yards and rugged terrain, both of which are landscape features of the house I rent.

The results of the 435X far exceeded my expectations. It is true that my expectations are low: as long as this is done, I don’t have to mow the lawn. The functions of the 435X are much more than these. I have never encountered a problem, except for being hung on a fallen tree branch from time to time. In more than six months of testing, this was the only trouble it encountered. It produces the healthiest and best manicured lawns in our area. Every deliveryman who came to our house asked about the lawn and the curious creatures roaming on the lawn.

The secret of the 435X lawn care ability lies in the rotating razor blade. Yes, the 435X is an automated robot equipped with a rotating razor blade. (I always emphasize politeness and friendliness to it, hoping that it can save me in the inevitable robot uprising.) Because it mows grass more often than you or the lawn service, so 435X at a time. This is the secret of a healthy lawn.When you let the grass grow Then Cut it back and you will leave a lot of mowing-even if you use a catcher. These piles will kill the grass trying to grow and create an ecological playground for the weeds in your yard.

There is a secret to getting the perfect lawn from the robot assistant: replace the blade regularly. Husqvarna’s official recommendation is to replace the blade every one to two months, but it should be noted that it will vary depending on the type of grass and soil in your home. I find that every two months is almost the same. For testing purposes, I let it last for quite a long time, and the quality of the mowing was affected. I also find that it is good to check regularly to make sure all the blades are still there. Twice I lost the blade on the branch that fell under the automatic lawn mower.

Another thing you still need to do is remove any lawn debris. In my house, the lawn is shaded by some 100-year-old pecan trees. They are great for shade, but they often drop branches in the wind. If I don’t clear them, they will hang up 435X. Still, picking up branches occasionally is a small price.

Photo: Husqvarna

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