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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Biden seeks a way out of the downturn after U.S. legislative victory

After the U.S. House of Representatives passed his $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill after months of arguing, Joe Biden declared that “we are just getting started.”

The President of the United States has vowed to invest in a social safety net through a larger 1.75 ton package in the coming weeks.

But despite the much-needed legislative victory last week, after voters severely condemned his party last week, Biden is still working to revive his political destiny, which has raised new doubts about the effectiveness of his leadership. .

The Republicans regained the post of governor of Virginia on Tuesday, coupled with the strong performance of the Republicans in local elections elsewhere, sent shock waves to the president’s party. The current Democratic governor of New Jersey — Biden won by 16 points last year — narrowly won.

Now, a party that has been disagreeing over the content of the infrastructure and social safety net double spending bill for months is facing another split-this split is about whether the president’s failure to achieve the progressive agenda is to blame for his decline in ratings. Or is it just this kind of progressivism that is alienating more moderate voters.

Rep. Abigail Spanberg, a moderate Democrat from Virginia, made headlines this week. She accused the president of misjudging the job the public put him in.

“No one chose him to be Roosevelt. They chose him to be a normal person and prevent chaos,” Spenberg told the New York Times. When referring to Franklin D. Roosevelt, he was the transformative Democratic president in the 1930s and 1940s. Domestic reforms have reshaped the U.S. economy.

When asked about the congresswoman’s comments, Biden told reporters on Saturday: “I don’t intend to be anyone other than Joe Biden. This is me.”

The president’s approval rating has been declining for several months. In August, the Democratic Party began to sound alarm bells when the chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan exacerbated Covid-19 concerns, inflation concerns, and congressional standoffs. With the exception of Donald Trump, his poll numbers fell to the lowest level of the most recent president.

Since then, Biden’s approval rating has fallen further-from 57% when he was sworn in in October to 42%. Gallup -Because he was unable to force a compromise in his party in time, voters felt frustrated and indifferent.

Some commentators have argued that although Democrats have carefully studied the content of their massive spending plan, they have ignored more pressing concerns among voters, such as inflation. The latest official data shows that consumer price growth is hovering near a 13-year high, and the CPI rose 5.4% year-on-year in September-Republicans believe that Biden’s comprehensive spending bill may lead to higher prices.

“[Democrats] Not enough to adapt to the warning that this is a lot of money, it could lead to inflation,” said The Bulwark editor-in-chief and anti-Trump Republican Charlie Sykes. “I think this seems to surprise them, and it shouldn’t be. happen. People always like free things. .. Until they think it might be too much. “

Election results in Virginia and elsewhere have rekindled the unforgettable memories of Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the early days of taking office. They were subjected to similar slams and then suffered a crushing defeat in the subsequent midterm elections.

Democratic strategists believe that the President of the United States needs to unite his party more forcefully and effectively to reach a compromise on Capitol Hill, sell his plan to the American public, and resist attacks from Republicans.

Biden is a long-term lawmaker who has worked in the Senate for more than 30 years. He took a more hands-on approach in the last-minute talks late on Friday to secure infrastructure deals and directly appealed to progressive lawmakers. Own point of view. The president said on Saturday that he will begin traveling the country this week to sell the benefits of the infrastructure bill to the American people.

Kurt Bardella, a former Republican congressional aide, said: “The popular policies of Democrats are being weaponized and repackaged against them.” “There is a need for a comprehensive, unfettered response.”

So far, the White House has blamed the poor performance of the Democratic Party on Americans’ uneasiness about lingering epidemics and economic problems such as high oil prices—this is a widespread discomfort, not about Biden’s policies or political strategy. Rebuttal.

Bob Schlum, a senior Democratic political strategist at the University of Southern California, said that these factors are likely to be resolved next year. “People’s views may be very positive. What matters is our position in the economy, our position in Covid, and our position in inflation,” he said.

But if Biden’s poll numbers are a guide, it may take time to reverse these negative sentiments. A CNBC survey in October showed that voters’ opposition to Biden’s handling of the economy was 14 percentage points, compared with 5 percentage points in July.

Democratic opinion poll expert Jay Campbell said: “In general, the American public is economically hurt, and their concerns are dragging down the opinions of the ruling party.”

Former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschler said that Biden found that even the White House had “limited” influence in fighting these forces.

“I think the level of fatigue I have witnessed across the country is as severe as I have seen, I think, in my memory,” he said. “You can bring people to the Oval Office, you can use the media, you can coax, you can plead, but in the end there are only so many tools in the box.”

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