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The crazy rise of Moonbug-YouTube’s magical money machine

At the end In just one month, videos from Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum and Blippi have been viewed more than 2.37 billion times. These three YouTube channels are one of the largest on the platform, and they have received a total of 157 billion views in just a few years of their launch.And now they Worth 3 billion U.S. dollars.

You may not know them, but anyone with children will know them.Cocomelon only The second most viewed channel On all YouTube. Moreover, after a series of acquisitions, these three companies are now owned by one company: Moonbug Entertainment.

Their origin stories are diverse. Blippi-an artist whose real name is Stevin John (Stevin John) and Mr. Rogers-has been well-known to children all over the world and people who know him since the YouTube channel opened in 2014 Stitz Grossman, A man who used to defecate on a friend’s exposed genitals in an early viral video. Little Baby Bum was founded in 2011 by the husband and wife team Derek and Cannis Holder. The couple rightly believe that there is a niche in the market for fancy animated nursery rhymes.Similar hunch A Californian couple Working in the field of children’s book illustration and film production led to Cocomelon.

After annexing three of YouTube’s most popular children’s channels, London-based Moonbug has been swallowed. Rumored price tag?A sort of Cool 3 billion dollars, Or about half Disney acquired Pixar in 2006.

The buyer is a group led by former Walt Disney executives and short-lived American TikTok CEO Kevin Meyer, and is supported by the New York private equity firm Blackstone Group. For Moonbug, this is an astronomical increase and proves (if needed) that children’s entertainment is a big business. “This shows that children’s content is a huge and very valuable market, and the valuation of digital native companies is once again comparable to or even better than traditional media companies,” said Bastian Manintveld, executive chairman of 2btube, a Spanish entertainment company with a large amount of children’s content.

Alexandra Ruiz-Gomez, a social media lecturer at Scottin University in Perth, Australia who specializes in child influencers, said: “Children are a key target of the monetization strategy on YouTube.” Moonbug’s intellectual property rights, including Cocomelon and Little Baby Bum, are loved by millions, so that Moonbug’s revenue in 2020 reached 53 million U.S. dollars. According to statistics Financial results filed in the UK.

Interest in Moonbug and the scope of other similar acquisitions in the past 24 months-from Epic acquires SuperAwesome, a children’s technology platform September 2020 to $500 million acquisition The reading and learning platform Epic (confusingly, this is another Epic) launched by Indian education services company Byju in July 2021 proves that children’s content is becoming increasingly legal on platforms such as YouTube. It is moderately boosted by the willingness of large technology platforms to invest in children’s technology. Recognizing that the Internet has never been designed for children, it has been widely adopted by them. Platforms and companies that produce content for them are now trying to design with children as the center. The result is a large transaction that was previously unattractive to investors.

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