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“Skyrim” and “The Sopranos” memetic universe is colliding

do you remember That scene Sopranos? You know, Tony and Johnny Sack reconciled in the snow, and were about to go back to discuss the murder of a plate of luncheon meat, when a gangster appeared on the horizon the most he could see when playing a game with a person. The head of the five families: rampage, Level 30 Frost Dragon?

If you don’t do this, it may be because it has never aired. Or, at least, not on HBO.This is the work of YouTuber Petinax, Who has been picking in the past year soprano Characters in the New Jersey environment and put them in the scenery of Bethesda-mainly SkyrimBut a bit New Vegas, and also.On his channel, you will see thugs Hunting the elusive white deer And criticism Weeping Tavern travelling poet.You will see Tony is wearing his nightgown, Escape the NPC through the streets of Whiterun. You will see comments like “Wake up this morning and get yourself a sword. Mom always says you will be a dragonborn”. For a very special fan, this is a great time online.

Pertinax (and his imitators) has a knack for a sketch writer to draw a surreal contrast between the two worlds: their videos are hilarious, like a crossover of sitcoms. They are also cunningly clever and cleverly summarized how popular culture is metabolized in the 21st century.In an era where it is becoming increasingly impossible to separate cultural artifacts from the memes they produce-think of those bizarre afterlife The Simpsons‘Steamed Ham——The Memetic Universe is now its own classic.And they are merging, forming a multiverse that can only be realized in such an era Sopranos It can be simplified to the images it circulates on the Internet.

Pertinax, who asked to remain anonymous, said his formula soprano——Skyrim The mashup appears during production Middle Ages 2 with Total War in Rome “Experience the video”, summarizing the game or editing of certain aspects of the game. He has been secretly adding memes and references to every video, and it is great to see people in the comments shouting.This directly leads to him Sopranos Its unfortunate misbehavior and deadly world of memes for interior decoration.Actor in this soprano Too Incredibly emotional, So they are easy to put into new scenes; Bethesda’s game is full of iconic failure areas, obviously a pair.

Pertinax said that these videos are simple to make, but time-consuming: “First, come up with an idea, then block the character from the original scene, and then Skyrim Match the camera angle. “

In many ways, what Pertinax does is nothing new. Machinima-filmmaking enthusiasts built in computer graphics engines as early as the 1990s-was a pioneer. The same is true for many other online fan creations.Anastasia Denisova, a lecturer at the Westminster School of Media and Communication, said that memes “boom in the mix.” In this sense, fusion Sopranos with Skyrim It’s no different from the “common mashups in Hollywood, Broadway, and British panto.” Internet culture always mixes conflicting references into a pleasant mess: it is only a matter of time before two huge “memetic poems” collide.

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