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How to improve indoor air quality in your home in 8 simple steps

When unexpected twists and turns occur in life, I find that the best way to deal with them is to be methodical. It gave me a task-oriented mindset, and in most cases, it tends to suppress my anxiety. Getting started is my aerobic exercise and therapy. So when my five-year-old child was diagnosed with asthma, I knew that to some extent, our whole family was diagnosed with asthma. Life as we know it needs to change slightly to adapt to this discovery.

Significant adjustments have been made-rescue inhalers are hidden in every wallet I own, doctor charts are updated and parent DMs are slipped to let them understand our “new normal”. Then there were some changes that I didn’t expect at all. For example, it was discovered that although our house was not the culprit, it did not do us any good in terms of indoor air quality. Obviously, I conducted in-depth research to understand how to improve the indoor air quality in my home.

I suddenly realized that although I use environmentally friendly cleaning products and try to remember to change the air filter regularly, the actual living environment we stay in day and night may be completely new.Therefore, using laser focus, from Environmental Protection Agency website, Landslide article with Learn, And many late nights Sorry, honey, I know you can’t sleep, my laptop shines on your face I will delve into the Internet later, I am the proud owner of Filtrete™ Smart air purifier Suitable for all our public areas and bedrooms, as well as Filtrete™ Smart air filter Suitable for all our HVAC systems.

Curious about air purifiers and other cleaning methods? To save effort, please keep up to date with my newly discovered information about common indoor air pollutants, how I clean up the air quality in my home, and why I choose the Filtrete™ brand as the newest member of our family. Forewarned, some points have a large number of ick factors. You will thank me… later.

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Common air pollutants


Obviously, dust is a super common culprit. It can not only track dust from shoe soles, but also accumulate from indoor sources, including dead skin and pet dander.


Whether it comes from cigarettes or wildfires, smoke (Other indoor air pollutants) may be the main cause of poor indoor air quality.

Animal droppings

It’s not just because of your new puppy’s accident, she there is always on the ground. Think about the feces and eggs of rodents, birds, and other pests (eeks), which can cause poor air quality in your home.

Mold and mildew

Hello, nasty bathroom tiles. These common allergens can worsen air quality.


Whether it comes from grass, trees, or flowers outside, pollen can easily enter the house by being tracked or opening a window.

Volatile Organic Compound

shortage Volatile Organic Compound, From house paint to cleaners, detergents and cosmetics, VOCs are everywhere and are released into the air in the form of dangerous gases.

Automobile exhaust

Please pay special attention to this if you live in an urban environment or above a garage.

Dead skin

Yes, you’re not mistaken. Pet dander (Dead skin spots of animals such as dogs, cats and even rodents) can deteriorate indoor air quality. In addition, human skin can be used as food for dust mites, which are a common household allergen. Bet that gives you the disgusting feeling mentioned earlier, doesn’t it?

8 steps I took to help improve the indoor air quality in my home

  1. I invested in Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier.

Not just any air purifier.I won the first prize with my super smooth white Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifier (after many reviews and researches, looking for the best one on the market). Although my family invested in a large smart air purifier tower (covering an area of ​​310 square feet) for our bedroom and living space, both sizes include real HEPA filters that can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles *. My husband and I like to keep our automatic mode, when it detects poor air, it will automatically adjust the fan speed to clean the air. mind. blow. We found it very easy to use and easy to change the filter. In addition, we can use our mobile phone and Filtrete™ smart app to control our equipment, which will remind us when to replace the filter. genius.

*The distance from the air passing through the filter medium is as small as 0.3 microns. The initial efficiency value.

  1. I (finally!) cleaned my duct and started using my cooking vent.

This is as simple as calling the local duct and vent cleaning service. Not sure if you need to arrange the pipes in a row?Check Tips from the Environmental Protection Agency Learn how to decide whether professional cleaning is required.In addition, when I am in the kitchen, I now try to keep my cooking vents open (and keep my Filtrete™ smart air purifier nearby) because of the smoke from my gas stove, and Exhaust gas and smoke from my cooking oil, May contain dangerous compounds.

  1. I started to change the air filter regularly!

I decide Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter And their coordination Smart application Very suitable for my busy mother’s lifestyle of three children. Remembering when to replace the air filter for my HVAC system is almost the last thing on my to-do list. Fortunately for me, I let my smart application do the heavy lifting. My smart air filter contains a pressure sensor that supports Bluetooth® LE to monitor the air flowing through my air conditioning and heating system. When a change is needed, I receive a notification that will even instruct me to choose the correct filter type and size required to purchase the system-all of which is done through the app. More importantly, my Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter helps improve indoor air quality by cleaning the air as it passes through the filter. In addition, the app also provided me with tips on how to better improve the air quality in my home. How about technology in the 21st century?

  1. I actually tried (once) to keep my carpets and rugs clean.

Of course, I will vacuum once a week, but I hardly know that I can do more to prevent dust mites and dirt.according to American Lung Association, Carpets are a safe haven for various indoor air pollutants, including toxic gases. So now, I try to avoid carpets and rugs altogether, and when I can’t do it, I start investing in annual professional steam cleaning around my home.

  1. I give priority to indoor plants.

After marrying a landscape architect, the plants around our house have always been the top priority.But it was not until I made a conscious decision to improve our indoor air quality that we finally strengthened our plant game in So is the house.We went to various Monstera, Bamboo palm, with Dracaena (Completely jungle atmosphere!). If you are looking for beautiful indoor plants, this article is a great resource.

  1. I try to buy products that do not contain or do not contain VOCs.

Volatile Organic Compound It can be found in everything from paint to carpets, upholstery to air fresheners, and even cosmetics. Therefore, I am more cautious about buying only products that I know are almost VOC-free, including low-VOC paints and non-toxic cleaning products.Sorry, friends, this also means No candles.

  1. I let in fresh air.

As the days of 95 degrees or more we experienced recently in Austin finally passed (fingers crossed), I plan to open my doors and windows more.this EPA says natural ventilation This helps to improve indoor air quality. Although there is no research to prove this, or at least there is no research I found, but fresh air and filtered sunlight will only make the home happier!

  1. I also monitor outdoor air quality.

In order to really grasp the pulse, I regularly check Filtrete™ Smart App Report me the local air quality of 411. This is especially useful if you live in an urban environment or area with known poor air quality.


Although the journey started with my son’s asthma diagnosis, it turns out that my entire family is now also benefiting from the changes I have taken-we are all Enjoy the fresh air we breathe every day. Not sure where the journey to get cleaner air at home begins?A good starting point is to visit FilterThere, you can find the best purifiers and HVAC air filters on the market in one place.If you do one thing, this is That thing.

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