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Use rich snippets for e-commerce product pages

A rich snippet is additional detailed information in a natural list that stands out in search results. Ratings, prices, FAQs, videos-all examples of rich clips.

“Structured markup” is the programming code that creates rich fragments. Any website can contain structured markup-Schema.org is the most popular type. Therefore, the rich snippets are completely under the control of the website.

Rich snippets appear in desktop and mobile search results, but they are generally more influential on mobile devices.

Rich snippets of product pages

Schema.org has many “glossaries”, but only a few affect the appearance of natural search lists. Less applicable to e-commerce product pages. they are:

  • product The architecture contains the price, star rating, and availability of the project.
  • FAQ The pattern is a list of frequently asked questions and answers.
  • how The architecture is a step-by-step description.
  • video The framework displays video thumbnails.

The implementation of any of these depends largely on your content management system. Most CMS and e-commerce platforms promote the use of rich data. WordPress and WooCommerce have Plug-in. Shopify has Unique model.

Merchants without programming expertise should not try to write rich markup manually. Instead, use the tools and integrations of your platform.

Prioritize rich snippets

Below is an overview of prioritizing product page options.

product Rich snippets is one of the earliest snippets supported by Google.It’s the most popular type and one reserved by Google CloselyThe main rules are (i) use it for actual product pages, not categories, and (ii) only show the star ratings of the reviews you collect. Star ratings are the best part of the product architecture. They perfectly match the commercial intent and attract a lot of clicks.

Examples of product rich snippets in Google search results on mobile phones

The rich fragments of the product are in line with commercial intent. This example includes star ratings, price (“$49.95”), and availability (“in stock”).

FAQ If you answer one or two questions on the product page, a rich summary is a good choice. However, if you use both the product and the FAQ architecture at the same time, Google usually only displays the product architecture. In my experience, FAQ snippets are usually the most clicked. But due to the shopping intention, I will stick to product fragments. If the product architecture is not available, please use the FAQ.

FAQ rich snippets mobile phone screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions Rich snippets usually have the highest click-through rates, but they usually don’t appear next to the product architecture.

how Rich snippets are not the best choice for product pages because they do not always reflect commercial intent. But the mode of operation method can help product pages to rank information queries. I haven’t seen the operation method and product fragments merged in one list. Therefore, if ratings and reviews are flagged, please do not disturb the operation mode.

Screenshot of how-two snippet from mobile search results

How-to rich snippets can help product pages rank in information queries, but they usually do not reflect commercial intent.

video Rich snippets increase the engagement of the page that searchers click and watch. If you have a video on your product page, please consider using this type of architecture. In addition, it is perfectly integrated with the product architecture-you can get both in an organic list.

Screen shots of mobile search results with rich snippets of videos and products.

The rich video clips are well integrated with the product architecture.

Increase traffic

Structured data markup such as Schema.org can greatly enhance the natural search list. Implementing rich tags is free and can permanently increase your search traffic.

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