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These parents set up a school application.Then the city called the police

While the controversy continues to expand, the popularity of Öppna Skolplattformen continues to grow-including a surge in the number of people participating in its development. Co-founders Landgren and Öbrink said that as many as 40 people participated in the development of the app. This group of volunteers found and resolved the error, developed a search function, and translated the application into different languages. They also raised potential security issues with official apps, even if the city was against them. The team includes designers, lawyers and developers. “As ordinary citizens, we are highly digital,” Landgren said.

As Swedish start-ups flourish—Spotify, Klarna, and King are all founded there—its public sector technology has been struggling to keep up. OECD’s latest report on government digitization, From 2019, Ranked Sweden at the bottom of the 33 countries reviewed. “When we used these official tools, they stayed in the 90s,” Landgren said. “In order to bridge this gap, we and many others who have joined us believe that open source may be the best way for us to start working together.” He believes that compared with government IT projects that took years to complete and were outdated by the time they were completed, Citizen development may be more effective.

“It shows very clearly some of the ways in which the digitalization of Sweden has problems,” said Mattias Rubenson, secretary of the Swedish branch of the Pirate Party, who has been documenting its relationship with School platform“In general, the school platform may be good. But you must involve students, especially teachers, in the development from the beginning. There is no such thing on the school platform.”

Öppna Skolplattformen must wait several months to clear customs. “We don’t believe in any criminal conduct,” Åsa Sköldberg, the head of the initial police investigation, told Today’s News August 16. A spokesperson said that the data watchdog Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten did not investigate the city’s complaint.

The police report shared by Landgren and WIRED cited the Certezza security review, which was commissioned by the city government and completed on February 17, 2021. The review concluded that the open source application did not send any sensitive information to a third party, nor did it send any sensitive information to a third party. Will not pose a threat to users. The police report further eliminated the Öppna Skolplattformen developer. “All the information used by Öppna Skolplattformen is public information voluntarily distributed by the City of Stockholm,” it said.

Landgren is traveling In early September, when he received his brother’s wedding in France, he received a call. The city is changing its position on Öppna Skolplattformen and any other applications that seek to do similar things, and has decided to let others access the data in its system. To this end, the city has reached an agreement with an external supplier who will be able to establish a license between Öppna Skolplattformen and the city.

“With this solution, the City of Stockholm can guarantee that personal data is processed in a correct and safe manner, while parents can participate in the digital tools of the market in their daily lives,” Stockholm City Councillor Isabel Smedberg-Palmqvist said in a statement statement Released on September 9. This move is a testament to Öppna Skolplattformen’s efforts-the team estimates that hundreds of hours of work have been put into the application. But this call also shocked Langren. He claims that just a few days ago, Öppna Skolplattformen was once again hit by attempts to prevent it from accessing the official API. After the announcement, the effort stopped.

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