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Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Review: The Bad Case of 2 Screens

As Julian Chokkattu of WIRED discovered, it is also full of errors. (He also read dune On the original Duo, when I started to read the favorite content of sci-fi fans on Duo 2, I didn’t realize this yet). These are not just some defects, some carry-on luggage, you may find tolerable at the beginning of a new mobile phone relationship. This is something that disrupts transactions. However, Microsoft is determined to make it better. At least try it.

Therefore, Duo 2 is equipped with a faster processor (Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888) and a slightly thicker but more robust body than the previous model. The new design is equipped with a three-lens camera module on the back-a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 16-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens-which is the solidity of the original Duo’s 11-megapixel camera Upgrade, the latter doubled as a selfie camera and a rear camera (once you flip the device). Like the Duo before it, Duo 2 is also very eye-catching. It has a shiny Microsoft logo on the front cover, it is coated with glass, and I have scratched it. Two 5.8-inch high-resolution display panels have an impressive 90Hz refresh rate.In addition, it is related to Surface stylus, Starting at approximately $65.

It displays a flash of light, like the literal flash of a notification that appears on the spine of the device when the device is turned off. The first Duo users, those brave Beta testers, don’t like that there is no way to see incoming notifications when Duo is closed. So Microsoft has built a “browsing bar” on the spine of the book, where you can see the charging status of your phone or incoming calls or text messages. This is surprisingly pleasant. I asked WIRED’s new global editorial director to send me a text message because he was standing nearby so that we could see Duo 2’s scan bar light up. I think I dug more than him.

The camera is good, but for a $1,500 phone, it does not perform well. When testing Duo 2, I carried Apple’s iPhone 13 (US$799) and Google’s Pixel 6 (US$599), but I was often shocked by the relative lack of camera capabilities of Duo. Photos of people under standard lighting settings look dim. In a series of sunset photos taken on the beach, the colors are mixed together, and the edges of the dunes are not as sharp as the same images taken by the new iPhone. When I used Duo 2 to take pictures of colleagues in our office, the light from the office dissipated behind them.

Maybe more compelling, just Take Photographing is a painstaking process because it starts with opening the brochure. Taking a screenshot requires pressing the power button and the volume down button at the same time-which is also clumsy. On the bright side, when you take a selfie, you can easily support the phone and time the photo without the need for a phone holder.

Photo: Microsoft

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