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These pre-made vegan mashed potatoes are fluffy, smooth and delicious

Without a bowl of delicious butter and smooth mashed potatoes on the table, it is hard to imagine Thanksgiving.And this likable version can actually be everyone On the dinner table-it happens to be vegan, without sacrificing any classic creaminess that they all crave. Perhaps the best part of these mashed potatoes is that you can make them a few hours before the feast, so you don’t rush to mix them up while putting other things on the table. Starring Yukon Golds, they have a coveted velvet texture. These pre-made vegan mashed potatoes are almost too easy, and they are sure to be a huge hit at Thanksgiving this year.

Delicious without dairy products

I have tried some vegan mashed potatoes, but many are too complicated. It turns out that choosing the right type of potato is the most critical step, and you don’t need a lot of raw materials. Yukon Gold Potatoes are naturally creamy and delicious even when used alone, and this recipe shines with its natural flavor. These mashed potatoes contain only six ingredients, many of which may already be in your storage room. There is no heavy cream or butter in this vegan version, just a lot of olive oil to maintain a creamy smooth texture.They are simple, healthy and imperceptible No dairy products!

No stress component

Despite the short list of ingredients, the taste of these potatoes is rich. Olive oil enhances the natural flavor and texture of potatoes, creating the fluffy consistency we all crave. Then you will get a rich sweetness from the garlic and an earthy saltiness from the rosemary. These mashed potatoes are not only the perfect complement to your traditional holiday favorites, but they are also healthy enough to have a place in your weekend dinner lineup.

How to prepare

Thanks to the craziness of the Thanksgiving morning and minimal oven space, this recipe can be prepared a few hours in advance and gently reheated when it comes time to eat. In addition, since these mashed potatoes do not contain dairy products, they can be left at room temperature for several hours without food safety issues. I usually do it 2-3 hours before the meal. Once they are fully cooked, just turn off the burner and place them on the stove, close the lid. Ten minutes before dinner, turn them down, drizzle a little more oil, stir well, and cover until they are hot. Then, pick up your spoon and dive directly into the water! I hope you like these vegan mashed potatoes as much as we do.

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