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In all video game remakes, why not “SSX”?

Arcade style sports game In the early and mid-2000s there were many of the following.From Tony Hawk’s professional skater To multiple iterations FIFA with National Football League These games have had a lasting impact on players, and many people continue to play new games or see remakes or remakes of their favorite games.One such series is Shanghai Stock Exchange, This popular snowboard game was released more than 20 years ago.

Shanghai Stock Exchange It is the first game of EA Sports Big, and it is a new member of the EA Developer Umbrella.The game has won unanimous praise across the country board And won multiple awards, including 2001 Console Game of the Year From the School of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

The franchise saw several sequels, and the full restart of the series was released in 2012, quite positive Comment (Although fans seem to have different reactions).But since then, there hasn’t been much talk about it Shanghai Stock ExchangeIn recent years, other popular games from the PlayStation 2 era have also been remade or remade, such as Tony Hawk’s professional skater 1+2, dark clouds, And a few Grand Theft Auto game.But why not Shanghai Stock Exchange?

When talking to fans of the series, it became clear that there were certain key elements that attracted them to join the game in the first place. Matt Paproki, A freelance writer and game collector, shared what he was initially interested in: “Immediately? It feels new. Compared to Cool boarder or 1080 Skiing, Shanghai Stock Exchange Use light, color, and sound in a way that showcases next-generation hardware.Well, its system is completely out of imitation game Tony Hawk. Super barrier-free design. “

As any player knows, people’s nostalgia and love for the game can last for years after the first release. For the game site co-founder Flora Eloise End of the game, There must be some nostalgia Shanghai Stock Exchange.

“Nostalgia? That’s its name Shanghai Stock Exchange Give me the game. I grew up in a low-income family, where I was even lucky enough to get a game on my birthday or Christmas, so if the game has some unpleasant aspects, they are still deeply imprinted in my memory. Shanghai Stock ExchangeHowever, from a mechanical and design point of view, I think it is still one of the rare games of that era. Playing now is as fun as it was then, I can say whether it is turning on or off the nostalgic goggles. “

Shanghai Stock Exchange Have a real foothold in the player’s memory. Whether it is because of the colorful graphics or its focus on fast gaming, players will still crack the PlayStation 2 and re-examine the title. Paprocki said he went back to the original Shanghai Stock Exchange And its sequel, SSX is tricky, often. “When time permits, the disc will be loaded regularly. I would say this: If I want to start PS2 or Xbox, Shanghai Stock Exchange There is no doubt that it is in rotation, if not the reason why I opened them in the first place. “

Therefore, with the fond memories related to the game, how do players think about the imaginary remake or remake in the future? In general, fans seem to agree. Chris Alem, Who runs the YouTube channel Classic Game Quarterly, Said: “It’s a shame that we haven’t seen the new entry yet. Shanghai Stock Exchange A long time series. Because my best memory is playing the original game, I would love to see a remake of it on modern game consoles, but honestly, any new work in this series may be the first day of purchase for me. “

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