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According to the beautician, how to make the skin less greasy

In our pursuit of a healthy glow, we have become very familiar with the difference between a hydrated complexion and a greasy glow.After all, when Hayley Bieber said she wanted her face Feels like a glazed donut, She is not relying on the greasy T zone to achieve the sugary effect. However, the trouble with trying to tame oily skin is that things can quickly start to become uncontrollable. Clean too hard, your skin may be over-compensated by oil, but too much moisturizer can clog pores-it’s like a less interesting scientific experiment on your face. Therefore, we invited a professional to guide us how to make the skin less greasy.

First, it is helpful to understand the exact cause of oily skin. Due to genetics, age (the skin tends to produce less oil with age) or unbalanced skin care routines, our sebaceous glands (which constantly produce some natural oil (or sebum) to keep the skin hydrated) may be excessive. In In terms of diet, foods with high glycemic index (such as white bread, refined sugar, fried foods, grains and dried fruits) can cause inflammation, which can lead to sebum secretion. Excess oil will mix with dead skin cells and become trapped in our pores, leading to acne and permanent shine.

Natalie Burt, Chief Aesthetician Conservation House In Dallas, you actually deal with skin with overactive sebaceous glands yourself. Although this can be painful, oily skin is not without benefits. “Having oily skin is a gift because we tend to show signs of fine lines and wrinkles more slowly than other skin types,” she shared.

Mastering the correct skin care routine is usually the key to controlling oily skin and taking advantage of sebum-induced radiance. We asked Burt to share the ingredients to look for (and avoid), her rule of thumb for exfoliating, and the products she vowed to use — including blotting paper of course — to ensure that the only gloss on her face was a strategically applied highlighter .

The best ingredients to balance oily skin

In the saturated world of skincare products, having a range of proven ingredients is a comforting way to browse buzzwords and beautiful packaging. If you are worried about oily skin, Burt recommends that you add the following ingredients as much as possible.

  • Salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Both of these hard-working acids help accelerate cell renewal and prevent breakthroughs.
  • Nicotinamide. As a form of vitamin B-3, this ingredient helps regulate oil secretion and naturally shrink pores over time. Burt recommends choosing nicotinamide products with lower moisture content and higher active ingredient content.
  • Hyaluronic acid. This plump hero and its moisturizing properties draw moisture into the skin, allowing it to retain moisture without using oils that clog pores.

When buying sunscreen, look for keywords such as “transparent”, “matte” and “oil-free”, but don’t skimp on SPF. Ultraviolet rays are one of the culprits that cause skin dehydration, which can lead to excessive oil secretion.

What ingredients should you avoid?

Although terms like “oil-free” and “non-comedogenic” are your friends in combating shine, it is best to avoid alcohol-based products, perfumes and harsh scrubs. Burt also recommends paying attention to natural oils that are high in oleic acid (such as coconut oil, mineral oil, or sunflower oil). “They are on the surface of the skin and cause clogged pores,” she explained.

Exfoliating oily skin

Anyone dealing with oily skin may also face an old dilemma: how much is too much exfoliation?

“I usually recommend my clients to exfoliate 3 to 4 days a week and spread it out a little bit,” Burt said. “If you use retinol, I like to alternate chemical exfoliants, such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Excessive exfoliation can disrupt your skin barrier, causing irritation, inflammation and dehydration, so it’s best to start slowly and gradually increase Dosage. With time and continuous use, if the skin can tolerate it, I recommend increasing the use of retinol as the main exfoliant.”

The best products for oily skin care routines

A series of trusted dual cleansing, gentle exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients can help suppress excess sebum. Bert introduced us to the products she swears to make our skin glow without unwelcome radiance.

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Rethinking the stigma of oily skin

We are used to thinking that oily skin is greasy and rough. But as Burt mentioned above, producing a little extra sebum should be seen as a blessing, not a reason for embarrassment. Of course, excess oil may cause more acne, but sebum helps to form a protective layer on our skin.Oily skin It also tends to be thicker and more resilient to wrinkles and fine lines.

The key is to find a balance-perfect your daily life (and maintain Watch your diet) While maintaining the natural moisture of the face, it also maintains the secretion of excess oil, leaving the skin with a healthy and moisturizing glow.

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