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Democrats must surpass Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2024

In the weeks after she was sworn in as Vice President, an Italian Dinning room In Washington, no less than 10 portraits of Kamala Harris are displayed on its terrace. These photos spanned half a block and traced her life, from a student to a state official to the next greatest job on earth.Older Washingtonians can tell you Dan Quill Received the same bill.

Harris’ case is strange. Democrats very much want to believe that she is a possible winner of the White House in 2024, by which time Joe Biden will be 82 years old. At the same time, whispered doubts abound. The bad reviews of her public performance can be attributed to taste. Gossip about tensions with the president may be left unused.

What is harder to forget is that she withdrew from the party’s 2020 primary election due to lack of funds-a feat for California senators. The person who lived longer than her was the mayor of the fourth largest city in Indiana. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is more disturbing: her presumptive nominee status is fading, or it is gaining a foothold.

Democrats (and Democrats) are now beginning to worry that 2024 is too early. If there are no health or legal issues, Donald Trump, who has been impeached twice, is the most likely Republican candidate. If he fails again, substitutes will have to sell well in Michigan, Wisconsin, and other decisive states. It is unclear whether Harris, or even Biden, will pass this test after three years of wear and tear. Everything about the deep-rooted culture of the Democratic Party shows that it will choose one of the two anyway.

In its internal politics, the party is more submissive than leftist or rightist. Biden and Hillary Clinton are their past two White House candidates, and they are in power or at least the default choice. Al Gore, the outgoing Vice President in 2000, was another person in his turn. Four years later, John Kerry became a big man in the so-so field. The brilliance of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama made the party run counter to the traditional innateness. Their gifts cannot appear before 2024.

The liberal impulse to curtsey extends beyond the political category and also encompasses the cultural category. It was in the flattery to “Camelot” that this was the obvious feudal shorthand of the Kennedy family in the 1960s.It appears in the idealized president West Wing, A moral giant and outstanding linguist born as a founding father, there is no doubt that he also adopted a stray cat.

It is strange to walk past, the portrait of Harris is a work that liberals more generally need to portray their leaders as heroes. In most cases, it is harmless and weird. Every four years, it causes political destruction. This is a party that will allow Harris or the shrinking Biden to fight in the next election to avoid unreasonably offending the monarch in the controversial primaries.

Under normal circumstances, the Democratic Party may continue. But Trump’s election on the ballot exists for the entire constitutional system. A full year after he defeated Biden, he still disputed this. If he repeats the same mistakes in 2024, there may be a Republican Congress to assist him. The party’s anti-Trump faction will become thinner this month. Among the 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach him in January, Two standing (“Eight more people,” Trump said).

In other words, simply defeating Trump is not enough: an undisputed big score may be necessary. Democrats must put themselves in the hearts of Legion voters who want to avoid Trump’s retaliation, but at any cost. In the short term, this means taking immigrants as seriously as Biden’s eternal legend of spending bills. Soon, this will mean facing personnel issues.

A highly competitive primary election within the current party will be rare. Candidates than Harris or Biden, who was in his eighties at the time (Trump, only three years younger and better dressed) may not even be present. No matter what the teleologists say, the history of a country depends on the right people appearing at the right time or not appearing. Senator Amy Klobuchar, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, Congresswoman Aiana Presley: No controversial challenger exudes the aura of “man of destiny.”

But this must be tested, not hypothesized. Another option is for Trump to face a defeatable opponent through sheer Democratic inertia. When looking for candidates, the party must be open-minded. Hopeful people must be sharp. The stakes are as big as anything the party might legislate before then. Tuesday’s election for governor of Virginia rekindled the analogy of American politicians running too much and too little in power. Democrats should beware of offenses.


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