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Are you proud of yourself?

Amy Poller

A few days ago, I was shopping at the grocery store and heard an interesting Podcast with Amy Poehler, When something touches me…

In interviews, Poller constantly admitted that she likes some of her things. She would say “I am very proud of…” and then mention characteristics such as quick thinking, good work, or belonging to Generation X. She is funny and charming, and she doesn’t sound boastful-you feel proud to be with her!

This is a snippet:

I remember one time I was doing SNL and you blocked the scene. You will spend these intermediate moments with the host, and these moments are just these moments of small talk. Christopher Walken, undoubtedly may be one of the weirdest people ever, right? We are doing some scenes and we have to sit at a table and wait for them to figure out some camera things. And he just sat quietly…

And I don’t want to disturb him. So, then I started to think, wow, how long will this last? How long are we going to go? And, you know, it’s like a Pixar journey in my mind, how I want to talk, don’t want to talk, sweat, don’t sweat, then get angry with him, and then think he is great, or something…

I don’t think the same journey will happen in his mind…I just like entertainment. I am proud that people feel good, safe and safe. I like to do things.

When walking down the aisle Trader Joe’s, I am encouraged that this woman realizes her beauty.Her attitude reminds me Snoop Dog’s acceptance speech After he got the Hollywood star: “I want to thank me. I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank all the hard work I have done.” Yes!

So, please tell me: what aspects of yourself are you proud of? Let us have no regrets! I would love to hear it.Whoosh whoosh

Polystyrene 12 comments on kindness, with Amy Poller’s genius mantra.

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