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How to help a stoic child open up and talk about feelings

The eight-year-old Anton has never liked talking about feelings.Since then, his behavior is sweet and rough The day he was bornWhen he grows up, he wants to live in “West-West”.Alex once imagined Toddler Anton, He was sick at home with our nanny, “relaxing in the corner with an empty whiskey glass, chewing on a bullet.”

Anton has been like this all his life. Therefore, when discussing emotions, he has always been tight-lipped. Whenever he was angry, he would rush into the bedroom, remain silent and try to get rid of it. If I talk to him, he can hardly respond.

but! After spending eight years with this little guy, I figured out a way.

A few months ago, Anton was upset and stomped into his room. I didn’t walk in and sit next to him, but stayed outside the door.

“Anton, dear?”
“It’s mother. Can I talk to you?”
“Well, if you are okay, I would be happy to ask you some questions. You can type yes once and no twice. Do you want to try?”
Silence… Then, there was a knock on the door.
“Are you sad?”
“Do you feel angry?”
Knock, knock.
“Do you feel sad?”

Passing through the door, I lightly probed the situation.He knocked or double knocked, and then, to my surprise, he really started Say. Being safe in his room, he felt more comfortable sharing his thoughts than when we were sitting together. He can maintain privacy, but he can also solve the problem at hand.

After speaking, he asked if he could open the door and give him a hug. I am proud of his efforts to open up. We have done it a few times since then-he seems to find it easier every time.

“Look! I’m a mother!”

Anyway, I thought I would share it just in case the discussion outside the door is helpful to others. It is not easy to be a child. These children are studying hard every day.Any other effective parenting initiatives you’ve tried recently (or really no It succeeded, haha)? Always trial and error like this!Whoosh whoosh

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