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7 best instant coffee brands for quick caffeine repair

After accepting a year (and some) of the work-from-home lifestyle, I have finished my work and made my setup feel more like an office. My desk, which has been neglected for a long time, has now been completely restructured and functioning. I also invested in indoor plants, just to be surrounded by more creatures. However, one area I cannot figure out is my coffee situation. My counter space is free, so I only allow a small Nespresso coffee machine. But a girl can’t (and shouldn’t) drink espresso by herself, so I decided to look for an alternative that doesn’t require a bulky coffee machine. Therefore, I started looking for the best instant coffee brands.

Fortunately, the search has become easier-instant coffee has time. Thanks to brands like Swift Cup and other professional roasters who use super fast fixes, instant coffee has finally gotten rid of the annoying elements of the old whiting powder (Stir and drink, anyone? ). More innovative delivery systems (think tea bags, freeze-drying, concentrates), sustainable packaging and environmentally friendly processes have also increased the appeal of the coffee category.

In order to find the best, I did a lot of online research, trying to find a good quick solution for everyone, and then followed the instructions provided by each brand to conduct a fair test. I tasted some bitter frogs along the way, but in the end, I was able to narrow down the eight incredible choices of instant coffee, which I would bet on my reputation and very limited counter space.

Whether you are looking for your first choice for travel, camping, or just to supplement your caffeine supply at home, I hope you find the perfect instant coffee for you below.

Joe Coffee

price: 6 copies for $19.99

story: This family-run store is a staple food in New York, but thanks to their Specialty Instant products, you can enjoy a comfortable barbecue on the go.

smell: Yes, The Daily House Blend has caramel, chocolate and marzipan flavors, but this freeze-dried coffee powder still has a rich flavor that surprised me. I also think Joe’s coffee works equally well whether it is hot or cold.

Choate Super Coffee

price: 14 copies for $24

story: Through a careful extraction process and organic coffee beans, Jot’s powerful panacea can work-whether it is hot or cold.

smell: In terms of packaging, Jot has absolutely subverted the game. This is a beautiful product, but the taste does live up to the aesthetics. Having personally experienced what happens when there is a problem with espresso (hint: extremely bitter), I admire Jot more (I also heard that it is better than the competitor Lucky Jack). You only need one tablespoon.

I like tonics for hot or cold drinks, but change the water to oat milk to get a smooth cafe-style hospitality.

Golden ratio

price: 7 copies of $14.99

story: Golden Ratio Roasts sustainably sourced coffee beans at a lower temperature to achieve a smooth, low-acid brew, which tastes more like tea but contains the caffeine of coffee. Tea bags are made of organic cotton.

smell: This is of course our most out-of-the-box instant coffee recommendation. With light turmeric, added antioxidants and zero acidity, the mellow golden mixture becomes smooth. I don’t necessarily make the golden ratio wake me up first thing in the morning (I actually tried it-it’s not hard-core enough for me), but when you’re looking for a mild but effective afternoon coffee Because of promotion, this unique brand is your friend. For cold brew, please mix a batch at bedtime to seep into the refrigerator.

Bonus: This low-acid beer is very friendly to your teeth.

Waka Premium Instant Coffee

price: 8 copies of $11.99

story: Waka in Cali specializes in making instant coffee and tea, and set out to provide a simpler, cheaper and more ethical way to fuel your day.

smell: Thanks to the brand’s 100% Colombian Arabica coffee beans (a favorite of coffee shops), Waka is smooth-without any bitterness. In fact, this affordable Cali brand is my favorite freeze-dried brand, although not as versatile as Joe Coffee.

Bonus: Waka donates part of the profits to Charity: Water, to help provide clean drinking water to underserved countries, and make you feel better about it all Coffee wastewater.

Make coffee

price: 10 copies for $15

story: Seeled, another brand from California, offers more environmentally friendly coffee options, using innovative tea bags and fashionable brands, suitable for easy travel suits.

smell: For moderate baking, this one is really light and cute. It has a freshness (and a little sourness). The fresh taste may be attributed to Steeped’s patent-pending nitro sealing process, which also makes single-serving bags compostable.

Starbucks passed instant

price: 13 copies for $13

story: It all started in the historic Parker Market in Seattle in the 1970s, but Starbucks launched their Via brand in 2009—a move ahead. A big event at the time.

smell: I often use Starbucks capsules in my Nespresso coffee machine and am very satisfied with the similar taste of this small packet of ground Arabica coffee powder. This is not my favorite group, but the convenience (and low cost) of those crystal lamp pouches cannot be denied.

Swift Cup

price: 6 copies of $10.95

story: Another brand dedicated to instant coffee, Pennsylvania-based Swift Cup has mastered the art of freeze-drying and offers a variety of reasonably priced roasts (including decaffeinated options).

smell: If you are a novice and are cautious about instant coffee, Swift Cup can easily convince you.There are so many reasons Your favorite local coffee shop brand seeks this company as a production partner. The slightly sweet Mainstay blend is perfect for most flavors.

Honorable mention: you go

I am fascinated by thoughtful packaging (see: Jot), so I really want to try beautiful Look. Alas, this beautiful brand has been completely sold out recently. (This obviously happens from time to time.) I am also a fool for things that are hard to get, so I hope they can solve their problems Out of stock problem soon.

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