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11-07-2020Latest Computer Assistant Jobs in Environment Protection Department ,Lahore,15-07-2020Click
11-07-2020Latest Security Guard Jobs In Pak Army In Karachi15-07-2020Click
11-07-2020Latest Management Administration Job In University of Gujrat UOG20-07-2020Click
10-07-2020Latest Health Department Jobs In Sindh20-07-2020Click
10-07-2020Latest Health Department Jobs In Sindh20-07-2020Click
09-07-2020Lates ASI (Assistant sub Inspector) Jobs In Karachi22-07-2020Click
09-07-2020Lates ASI (Assistant sub Inspector) Jobs In Karachi22-07-2020Click
08-07-2020Latest Mobile Credit Officer Jobs In ZTBL ,islamabad20-07-2020Click
08-07-2020Latest Medical Officer Jobs In Zarai Tarqiyati Bank Islamabad20-07-2020Click
08-07-2020Lates Office Superintendent Jobs In defence housing authority karachi15-07-2020Click
08-07-2020Lates Office Assistant Jobs In defence housing authority karachi15-07-2020Click
06-07-2020Latest Punjab Public Service Commission Jobs, Lahore20-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest jobs Of Directorate General Pakistan Post Office, Islamabad15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Circle Peshawar15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Northern Punjab Circle, Rawalpindi15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Northern Sindh Circle, Hyderabad15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Chief Controller of Stamps Karachi15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Balochistan Circle, Quetta15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Southern Punjab Circle, Multan15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Metropolitan Circle, Karachi15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the General Manager Postal Life Insurance, Karachi15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020latest Jobs Of Office of the Postmaster General Central Punjab Circle, Lahore15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs Of Office of the General Manager Postal Life Insurance Lahore15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs of Office of the Postmaster General Federal Capital, Azad Jammu Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan Circle15-07-2020Click
04-07-2020Latest Jobs of Office of the Director, ECO Postal Staff College, Islamabad15-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Assistant Caretaker (BS-09) latest jobs14-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Sipahi (clerk,Driver,Nursing Assistant) New Latest Jobs 202014-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Computer Operator Jobs In the Department Of RESCUE-112217-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Electrical Technician (BPS-11) Latest jobs17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Transport Maintenance Inspector (BPS-14) Latest Jobs17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Auto Mechanic (BPS-08) Latest Jobs In Rescue 112217-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Senior Store Keeper (BPS-07) Latest Jobs In Rescue 112217-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Operator for Heavy Machinery (BPS-07) latest Jobs17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Junior Clerk (BPS-11) Latest Jobs In Rescue 112217-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Lead Fire Rescuer (BPS-12) latest Jobs17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Driver LTV (BPS-06 ) Latest Jobs17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Diver (BPS-11) Latest Jobs In Rescue 112217-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Driver HTV (BPS-06) Latest Jobs In Rescue Department17-07-2020Click
03-07-2020Sweeper (BPS-03) latest Jobs 17-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Accountants (Bs- 14) latest jobs In PPSC17-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Latest Jobs Punjab Police Current Vacancies12-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Research Officer (BS-18) Latest Jobs12-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Steno typist (BS-14) Latest Jobs12-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Research Assistant ( BS-16) Latest Jobs12-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Protocole Assistant (BS-16) LAtest Jobs12-07-2020Click
01-07-2020Assistant Caretaker (BS-09) latest jobs12-07-2020Click
30-06-2020Latest Jobs Assistant Professor (BS-18) Current Vacancies in PPSC21-07-2020Click
29-06-2020Lower Division Clerk L.D.C Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Upper Division Clerk U.D.C (BS-11) Latest jobs21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Security Assistant (BS-07) Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Security Supervisor (BS-09) Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Godown Keeper (BS-07) Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Find the Latest Jobs Mid Wife (BS-03)21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Latest Jobs of Naib Qasid (BS-03)21-07-2020Click
28-06-2020Latest Jobs of Pakistan Ranger10-07-2020Click
27-06-2020Forest Card (BS-08) Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Technical Officer (Boiler) (BS-16)20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Nursing Instructor (BS-16) Latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Nursing Sister (BS-16) Latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Asstt Private Secretary (BS-16) latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Assistant News Editor (BS-16) latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Stenotypist (BS-14) latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Chargeman-Horticulture (BS-12) Latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Chargeman- Supply Wing (BS-12) latest jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Chargeman-Civil (BS-12) Latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Chargeman-Engg (BS-12) Latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
25-06-2020Chargeman-Chem (BS-12) latest Jobs20-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Manager Fire Fighting Current Vacancies21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Dental Officer Current Vacancies 21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Medical Officer (BS-17) Current Vacancies21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Manager Technical (BS-17) Latest Jobs 21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Manager Chemical (BS-17)21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Manager Civil (BS-17) latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Programmer / Assistant Manager Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Manager Admin Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
24-06-2020Assistant Manager Welfare Latest Jobs21-07-2020Click
23-06-2020Female Area Adviser Job Current Vacancies03-07-2020Click
23-06-2020Project Coordinator Job Current Vacancies03-07-2020Click
23-06-2020National Defence University Job Current Vacancies13-07-2020Click
23-06-2020Senior Lecturer latest Jobs Current Vacancies01-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Stenotypist (BPS-14) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Electrician(BS-05) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Lower division Clerk (BS-09) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Supervise (BS-05) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Driver (BS-05) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Latest Jobs of chowkidar (BS-01)04-07-2020Click
22-06-2020Latest Jobs of Un Skilled Manual (BS-0104-07-2020Click
22-06-2020packer (BS-01) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Accountant (BS-16) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Office Assistant (BS-16) Job Current04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Computer Operator (BS-16) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020technician (BS-12) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Driver (BS-06) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Naib Qasid (BS-03) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Chowkidar (BS-01) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
21-06-2020Sweeper (BS-01) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
20-06-2020Lower Division Clerk LDC (BS-09) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
20-06-2020Assistant (BS-15) Job Current Vacancies04-07-2020Click
19-06-2020General Manager Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Manager (Accounts) (Male/Female) Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Project Manager (Field) (Male) Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Assistant Engineer (Male) BS-17 Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Dy. Manager (Accounts) (Male/Female)02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Law Officer (Male/Female) Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020Private Secretary (Male/Female)Latest Job02-07-2020Click
19-06-2020(PASSCO) Latest Job Current Vacancies in Lahore02-07-2020Click
17-06-2020Deputy Director Admin (PPS-7)29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Data Analyst (PPS-7) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Project Director (PPS-9) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Computer Assistant (PPS-4) Latest Job 29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Lab Assistant (PPS-3) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Driver (PPS-3) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
17-06-2020Field Worker (PPS-2) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
16-06-2020Naib Qasid (PPS-1) Latest Job29-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Admin Officer (BS-17)30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Assistant private Secretary (BS-17)Latest Job30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020private Secretary (BS-17)30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Accountant Officer (BS-17)30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Data Entry Operator Latest Job28-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Assistant (BS-17)Latest Job30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020Naib Qasid Latest Job30-06-2020Click
14-06-2020National Security Division Islamabad Jobs30-06-2020Click
12-06-2020Airline Latest Job30-06-2020Click
12-06-2020Manager Job Current Vacancies30-06-2020Click
12-06-2020Legal Expert Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Data Entry Operator Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Social Organizer Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Clinical Psychologist Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Lower Division Clerk Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Naib Qasid Latest Job30-06-2020Click
11-06-2020Behavior Therapist Latest Job30-06-2020Click
10-06-2020Pakistan Army Latest Job 21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020Principal / Vice Principal / Headmaster21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (BS-17) Latest Jobs In FPSC21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020DIRECTOR (BS-17) Latest Jobs Current Vacancies21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020MIS OFFICER (BS-16) Latest Jobs Current Vacancies21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020TRAINED GRADUATE TEACHER (TGT) (FEMALE) (BS-16)21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHER (SST) (MALE) (BS-17)21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020COMPUTER INSTRUCTOR (FEMALE) (BS-17)21-06-2020Click
07-06-2020DEPUTY DIRECTOR (ENGINEERING) (BS-18)21-06-2020Click
05-06-2020Principle Current Vacancies18-06-2020Click
05-06-2020Epidemiologist Latest Jobs19-06-2020Click
05-06-2020Security Guard Latest Jobs 18-06-2020Click
05-06-2020Assistant Director (civil) Latest Current Jobs18-06-2020Click
03-06-2020Wapda Latest Jobs09-06-2020Click
03-06-2020IT Infrastructure Latest Jobs07-06-2020Click
03-06-2020Medical Officer Latest Jobs15-06-2020Click
03-06-2020Senior Medical Latest Jobs Current Vacancies15-06-2020Click
03-06-2020Senior Medical Latest Jobs Current Vacancies15-06-2020Click
30-05-2020MULTI SECTORAL ACTION JOBS09-06-2020Click
30-05-2020Pak Army Latest Jobs15-06-2020Click
30-05-2020UDC (upper division Clerk) Latest Jobs07-06-2020Click
30-05-2020NGO Drivers, Sipahi & Others Latest Jobs07-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Internal Auditor05-06-2020Click

Sr #Project TitleLast date For Apply Detail
29-05-2020Deliver Boy Jobs07-06-2020Click
29-05-2020Programmers Force PF Jobs07-06-2020Click
29-05-2020Assistant Manager Professional Development Center07-06-2020Click
29-05-2020Assistant Manager CAC Jobs07-06-2020Click
29-05-2020The Bank Of Punjab jobs
29-05-2020PAk ARMY JOBS
29-05-2020Anti Terrorism jobs07-06-2020Click
29-05-2020Deputy Manager of Finance07-06-2020Click
28-05-2020Deputy Manager of Finance10-06-2020Click
28-05-2020Manager of taxation Jobs10-06-2020Click
28-05-2020Manager of Finance10-06-2020Click
28-05-2020Deputy General Manager10-06-2020Click
27-06-2020Ministry of National Food Security & Research jobs06-06-2020Click
27-06-2020Water & Power Development Authority Jobs03-06-2020Click
27-06-2020Data Entry (BS-14) Jobs03-06-2020Click
27-05-2020Assistant (BS-15)03-06-2020Click
26-05-2020Public Sector Organization Current Vacancies 09-06-2020Click
26-05-2020Ministry Of Defence Current Jobs03-06-2020Click
26-06-2020Private Company Jobs07-06-2020Click
26-06-2020Ministry of Federal Education Jobs ( Current Vacancies):07-06-2020Click
22-05-2020commissioner malakand jobs03-06-2020Click
21-05-2020Energy & Power Department03-06-2020Click
21-05-2020Secretariat Sports Youth And Culture Jobs02-06-2020Click
21-05-2020School of Armour and Mechanized Warfare15-05-2020Click
21-05-2020registration department jobs03-06-2020Click
21-05-2020Registrar (BPS-20) Jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Company Secretary jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Director Finance Jobs
20-05-2020Hospital Jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Anti Terrorism jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020PAk ARMY JOBS
20-05-2020The Bank Of Punjab jobs
20-05-2020Task Force Secretaria
22-05-2020commissioner malakand jobs03-06-2020Click
19-05-2020Assistant Vice President17-05-2020Click
19-05-2020Officer Grade I Jobs17-05-2020Click
19-05-2020Officer Grade II17-05-2020Click
19-05-2020Front Desk Office11-05-2020Click
18-05-2020Assistant Manager15-05-2020Click
18-05-2020Mechanical Engineers05-06-2020Click
18-05-2020Civil Teacher (BPS-15)15-05-2020Click
18-05-2020Treasurer (BPS-20) Jobs
18-05-2020Administrative Job05-06-2020Click
18-05-2020Professors (BPS-21) Jobs05-06-2020Click
19-05-2020Associate Professor (BPS-20) Jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Company Secretary jobs05-06-2020Click
20-05-2020Director Finance Jobs
20-05-2020Hospital Jobs05-06-2020Click
21-05-2020School of Armour and Mechanized Warfare15-05-2020Click

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The Job Opportunities and The Youth

Certainly, there is a strong correlation between the jobs in Pakistan opportunities and the youth, because these earning sources favor those who cannot run their own business but want to do something prolific. Therefore, the young generation is not less than an asset of a country, as well as the productive one enhances the rate of its national growth by dint which hopes for a bright future.

 In contemporary time, the scenario of finding jobs and serving nations are becoming dynamic owing to the field of information technology. Apart from the USA and U.K, many other countries like India and Bangladesh are giving tough competition to the other nations through online systems and websites where numerous individuals participate according to their abilities. Among all these, now Pakistan is also contributing is part due to the initiatives taken by the websites like ‘Jobss4u’ to help out the youth to select career and opt for the job best fit for them.

Unfortunately, in this current situation when all the countries of the world have been fighting against the pandemic named ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘Covid-19’ at one side that has been dragging a huge number of people at the death’s bed. Another issue that has been taking hype is the burgeoning unemployment rate and limited availability of the job opportunities that are a sign of war on two fronts i.e., the health and the economy. 


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